'Magicman': What are the 12 songs? GOT7 Jackson performs album at 'The Match Bangkok Cup'

'Magicman': What are the 12 songs? GOT7 Jackson performs album at 'The Match Bangkok Cup'
We got several viral moments of Jackson Wang at 'The Match' from his interactions with coach Ten Hag to helping Thai rapper Milli (@teamwangofcl/Twitter)

Jackson Wang seems to be on a roll from becoming the first Chinese idol and male K-pop soloist to perform at Coachella to dropping a fun OST for ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’. He is also part of the popular K-pop group GOT7 who became the fastest Asian act to top iTunes in 100 countries with ‘GOT7’. And now, Jackson was applauded for turning ‘The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022’ between Liverpool and Manchester into an Asian Super Bowl by performing at the opening show. And of course, the idol ended up giving us several iconic moments like performing his unreleased album ‘Magicman’.

GOT7 fans were first shocked when Jackson announced that he would be performing all 12 tracks of his upcoming album ‘Magicman’ at ‘The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022 Opening Show’. As the founder of his own label Team Wang, Jackson has often been commended for his unique promotional strategies that go beyond K-pop or C-pop. While he had officially dropped the cinematic music video of ‘Blow’ in March, he teased the track ‘Cruel’ by performing at Coachella. And, now along with hit singles like ‘100 Ways’ and ‘Pretty Please’, Jackson performed the remaining tracks of ‘Magicman’ at the opening show.

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The 12 songs of ‘Magicman’

Well, from what Jackson Wang’s fans could gather, there are two interludes that open and close the album while the remaining 10 songs are:
‘Go Ghost’ 
‘Just Like Magic’
‘Come Alive’
‘Champagne Cool’
‘Drive it Like You Stole it’
‘Mind Games’ featuring Milli


Apart from the 12 songs, ‘The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022’ was pretty exciting for GOT7 fans from Jackson’s energetic performances and hyping up the crowd to his kindness towards fans who were waiting to see him before the show. He also went viral on Football Twitter after removed confetti from coach Ten Hag’s head during a photo-op. Fans also found it adorable that Joong Archen, a Thai actor of ‘Sky In Your Heart’ fame became a successful fanboy by becoming a fansite. Jackson was also pretty much adopted by Milli’s fans who were touched as the GOT7 star helped her down the stage and held her skirt so she could walk.


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‘Born to be a performer’

International fans were impressed, “HES INSANE #JacksonWangXTheMATCH AND WHY TF IM NOT THERE.” Another said, “Smart move. The game is broadcast in 154 countries. There is no better way to share his new music. New audiences. New way of marketing. Love it.” A GOT7 fan tweeted, “Jackson wang was born to be a performer.” Another was surprised, “1.2M views just for jackson wang removing confetti from ten hag's head??”





A fan joked, “I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE TO FIGHT JOONG FOR JACKSON 😭😭😭💔 THERE IS NO COMPETITION, I WILL LOSE IMMEDIATELY.” One fan tweeted, “In your language its gentleman In my language its Jackson Wang.” Another fan added, "This rock sound suits jackson so much i’m glad he found himself in that for magic man, like not just his voice is perfect for it but the effect it has for live performances with his stage presence too whew."




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