'Gossip Girl' Episode 8 : Is this the end of Kate as Gossip Girl?

With pressure piling on from the rest of the teachers, Kate may lose her place as Gossip Girl

                            'Gossip Girl' Episode 8 : Is this the end of Kate as Gossip Girl?
Tavi Gevinson as Kate Keller and Adam Chanler-Berat as Jordan Glassberg in 'Gossip Girl' (HBO Max)

Spoilers for 'Gossip Girl' Episode 8 - 'Posts on a Scandal'

'Gossip Girl' just debuted three new episodes after the mid-season finale and things have been going wrong for almost all the characters as the Instagram account slinging mud on them.

Kate Keller (Tavi Gevinson), the teacher who started and leads a troop of teachers that collectively run Gossip Girl may soon be kicked out of her position. With pressure piling on from the others her seat at the table is threatened now more than ever. Read on to know what happened with this teacher on the newest serving of 'Gossip Girl'.


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Episode 7 of the series saw Rafa (Jason Gotay) lockout Kate and Jordan (Adam Chanler-Berat) from the Gossip Girl account but later give them back the access. This had the two worried but their problems related to the account are far from over. Kate gets accused by the other teachers of getting too close to the students and forgetting their mission when she doesn't want to post an anonymous tip that could ruin Julien's (Jordan Alexander) life. Her concern gets them to hold a vote where they 'democratically' agree to post it, despite the tip being Kate's to share.

The tip gets Gossip Girl trending on The New York Times, CNN, and more who quote the account as their source. The power and popularity get to the teachers' heads who start behaving more heartless than ever. When Wendy (Megan Ferguson) overhears that Kate doesn't want to post in the new tip that came in, she secretly goes and tells the others. This sees the gang get together for dinner where they tell Kate she's gone soft and is too concerned about the students and take away her access, saying that they will be taking over.

The coup results in her getting kicked out of the group and account she founded and ultimately getting blocked. Now powerless, Jordan who also acknowledges that the group has been too ruthless, tells her that he doesn't agree with them but had to play along to serve as her man on the inside and try to persuade them to go easy.

With increasing drama and escalating situations, Gossip Girl is getting out of hand which worries Kate. We're left to see if she will be back as Gossip Girl as events unfold.

Three episodes of 'Gossip Girl' Part 2 are now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes to drop next week.

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