'Goedam 2' aka 'Seoul Ghost Story' starring K-pop idol actors to release in April

'Goedam 2' aka 'Seoul Ghost Story' starring K-pop idol actors to release in April
'Goedam 2' cast includes BTOB Minhyuk, Monsta X Shownu, ex-Lovelyz star Jisoo, Oh My Girl Arin and The Boyz Haknyeon (@OFFICIALTOB, @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter, @jeezepizza, @ye._.vely618, @official_theboyz/Instagram)

After the success of the horror K-drama ‘Goedam’ which was even acquired by Netflix in 2020, a sequel was announced immediately, known as ‘Goedam 2’. It is a horror anthology series with each episode focusing on different characters and different plots. And with 10 episodes, we have 10 idol actors to charm the audiences. But since its announcement, the release date has been getting postponed to the point that fans were exasperated.

‘Goedam’ had starred a mix of K-drama actors as well as idol actors like WJSN’s Seola and former April member Lee Hyunjoo. The sequel which has several names like ‘Urban Myths: Tooth Worms’ and ‘Seoul Ghost Story’, first got a release date in October 2021 followed by news agencies stating that it would be released in December 2021. We even had former Infinite member, Hoya sharing a poster of the drama confirming that it would indeed air.

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The cast includes AleXa, Golden Child's Jaehyun, WJSN's Exy and Seola, ex-Infinite star Hoya (@alexa_zbofficial, @goldenchild, @wjsn_cosmic, @isayhousayya/Instagram)

‘Seoul Ghost Story’ to be released as a film

Well, there’s finally good news. On March 29, the production announced that ‘Seoul Ghost Story’ will be released as a film in theatres on April 27. While agencies had claimed that like its prequel, ‘Goedam 2’ had also been produced by Netflix, it is yet uncertain if it will also be released on the OTT platform. However, a theatrical release means that a lot of our favorite idol actors are finally getting their movie debut.


The full cast has been released (mk sports/Daum)

Cast includes 10 K-pop idols

‘Seoul Ghost Story’ has gone all out for its cast as it includes 10 K-pop idols. Seola returns with another WJSN member, Exy. Their labelmate, Monsta X’s Shownu is also in the drama which means that the series was shot before he enlisted for his mandatory military service in mid-2021. We also have BTOB’s Minhyuk and Hoya returning to the big screen. At the same time, Oh My Girl’s Arin, The Boyz’s Haknyeon, Golden Child’s Jaehyun, former Lovelyz member Jisoo and AleXa are in it. The drama has also cast veteran actors like Kim Do-yoon of ‘Peninsula’ fame and Lee Young-jin who had been dubbed as the ‘original horror queen’.


It also stars Oh-ryung from ‘Special Song’, Lee Su-min, Lee Yeol-eum and Jeong Won-chang. Like its prequel, ‘Seoul Ghost Story’ will focus on all kinds of horror elements from supernatural stories to real-life horrors of cyberbullying. It had previously been reported that each episode would be for 15 minutes which means the film’s duration could be 150 minutes or 2.5 hours. The film has been directed by Hong Won-ki who has been known for filming over 1500 music videos and commercials for the likes of Seo Taiji and BTS.


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