Is Girls' Generation planning comeback? Rumors grow after group's social media makeover

Fans are hoping Girls' Generation (aka SNSD) will be making their long awaited comeback as OT8 because their social media accounts were just revamped

                            Is Girls' Generation planning comeback? Rumors grow after group's social media makeover
Second-gen K-pop pioneers Girls' Generation are possibly making their comeback after 5 years and fans are here for it (tvN)

Fans of the K-pop group Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD) are waiting for the eight-member group to make a comeback after the group went on a hiatus in the year 2017. Since their debut, Girls' Generation has been one of the most prominent groups in the K-pop industry, leaving their mark and contributing to what it has become today. Even after years, members of the group are all as close to each other as they were in the past.

The decision of SNSD’s future activities hung in balance as the members of the group all followed their solo careers be it in acting, business, or music. The members of SNSD have been teasing fans with news of a comeback for a while now as fans overanalyzed small hints from the eight members of the group. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the day when the power group from K-pop’s second generation will make their official comeback.


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After teasing fans for years, is SNSD (Girls' Generation) finally making a comeback? (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Girls' Generation loves teasing fans

It seems like something hot is brewing in the SNSD fandom as diehard SONEs have started speculating about an upcoming comeback. Fans are putting two and two together and hoping their guess is correct as they are manifesting an eight-member comeback from Girls' Generation.

Back in 2017, SM Entertainment announced that Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun from the group had decided against renewing their contracts with the label as they wanted to focus on their solo projects while the remaining five members of the group had renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment as late as September of 2020.

Since then the five members of SNSD namely Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona were all focussing on solo projects but fans got a taste of the OT8 when all the members gathered together for a special reunion episode of tvN’s variety show ‘You Quiz on the Block’ back in August 2021.

The SNS accounts of Girls' Generation got revamped (@GirlsGeneration/Twitter)

Is SNSD finally making a comeback?

Some suspicious activity on their social media accounts (referred to as SNS in South Korea) has led fans to believe that the second-generation icons are finally giving them their much-anticipated wish — an OT8 comeback. On December 8, the phrase “SNSD Comeback” started trending on Instagram and upon inspection, it was revealed that fan pages of the group had noticed that the social media accounts of Girls' Generation had been revamped.

Twitter and Instagram as well as other social media accounts of SNSD had a new profile photo as well as headers. Fans of K-pop are aware of how layout changes in K-pop signify a new era for the group and often signal that a comeback is on the cards.

Not only that, the group’s official Instagram account had followed all eight personal handles of each of the members of the group without leaving Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun out. This gave fans all the more reason to chime that an “OT8 SNSD comeback” was on the way.


'SNSD Comeback!'

Fans have been theorizing on Twitter as one fan said, "SNSD'S layout on Twitter and Instagram changed! And SNSD's official IG account is now following all 8 members! COMEBACK?" One SONE fanpage said, "The account is now following Seohyun, Sooyoung and Tiffany!" One confused SONE asked, "SNSD ig account followed all of the 8 members. Are we getting any OT8 content/music/comeback sa concert this 2022????? I need some answers!"

One fan reported, "Snsd! guyssss" Another fan pointed out, "Ngl i'm lowkey scared for a cb especially if it's ot8 LIKE KSJDKSJDSJD I DON'T THINK I CAN SURVIVE AN SNSD OT8 COMEBACK, CAN YOU?" Another fan worried, "NO BECAUSE WHAT IF SNSD WILL PULL A SHINEE AND ANNOUNCE THEIR COMEBACK IN THE UPCOMING SMTOWN LIVE CONCERT."

One fan theorized, "Taeyeon dying her hair, yuri saying that she had a schedule back in nov but couldn’t reveal bcuz it would be a major spoiler , oh!gg looking all glammed up their stylist vid the other time, yultae both in sm rn , snsd account changing their layout back..." Another fan said, "SNSD THE F*CKING GIRLS GENERATION WANT TO MAKE A COMEBACK? HELLOOOOOO HELLOOOOO I'M CLOWNING? HELLO PLS MAKE IT REAL."









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