Ghislaine Maxwell was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by her infamous dad Robert Maxwell

New photos of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have come out before the socialite goes on trial on November 29

                            Ghislaine Maxwell was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by her infamous dad Robert Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein allegedly met in 1988 through her father Robert Maxwell (R) (Twitter, Central Press/Getty Images)

Ghislaine Maxwell, who will go on trial on November 29 for allegedly trafficking and facilitating the sexual abuse of minors by Jeffrey Epstein, is said to have met the late financier as early as 1988 through her father Robert Maxwell.

The case will likely include accusations of abuse leveled against Briain's Prince Andrew, a friend of Maxwell and Epstein, who faces allegations of having sex with a minor Virginia Giuffre, who may testify against Maxwell as a witness. While Andrew has not been formally charged with any crime, it's likely that his name will be mentioned if Giuffre testifies in court. The alleged victim, who may attend the trial and offer evidence, has described Maxwell as "pure evil". She has held that "Epstein was a sick pedophile, but Maxwell was the mastermind."


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How Maxwell met Epstein through her father

The 59-year-old British socialite, who is currently detained on charges linked to Epstein's sex trafficking ring, was said to have confided that the late pedophile supported her "emotionally". The duo was pictured together in an unearthed photograph from a memorial event for Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert in New York, just weeks after his death in November 1991.


Speaking to the ‘Broken: Seeking Justice’ podcast last year, two sources with knowledge about the case said it was Maxwell Sr who introduced his daughter to the American hedge fund honcho. “Shot at the Plaza Hotel during a memorial event for Robert Maxwell, the picture shows Ghislaine and Epstein in conversation," Journalist Emily Saul said in the episode, speaking of the photo. “Wearing a blue silk jacket, Ghislaine smiles coyly at Epstein, who is seated to her right, wearing a white bowtie and an enormous grin. It doesn’t look like a first date."


It also emerged that investigators had sworn testimony claiming that Epstein was secretly bankrolled by Maxwell Sr. French model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, a pal of Epstein, was said to have disclosed the British media mogul's involvement to friends almost two decades ago. “He was having a conversation with some acquaintances in New York City around 2002," a former close associate of Brunel told The Sun on condition of anonymity.

“Jean-Luc was telling them how Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was one of the reasons why Jeffrey Epstein had money." Meanwhile, Maritza Vasquez, a former bookkeeper, declared in a Florida civil lawsuit that Robert Maxwell had indeed "started" Epstein's money. In her deposition, Vasquez stated that Epstein “had a relationship with a woman, that her father was very wealthy, and that’s how he started his own money.” 

British media proprietor, and Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Maxwell (1923 - 1991) (Photo by Barrette/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Robert Maxwell, a Czech-born business magnate built a publishing empire after moving to the UK following the Second World War. He was later accused of stealing millions of pounds from his own company's pension funds. In 1991, however, his body was discovered floating in the Atlantic Ocean after allegedly toppling off a yacht that was named after his daughter — 'The Lady Ghislaine'. The socialite would flee to New York City after her father's demise and begin dating Epstein shortly after. Having said that, how they knew each other or met has never been officially established.


Epstein, 66, was arrested in July 2019 and charged with sex trafficking minors before he died under mysterious circumstances in the following month in his New York jail cell. In July last year, the FBI detained Ghislaine Maxwell at a lavish property in New Hampshire amid growing speculation about her whereabouts. 

From 1994 to 2004, Maxwell is said to have "facilitated and contributed" to the abuse of minors by her ex-boyfriend and currently faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted on all charges. The 59-year-old has vehemently denied all the counts and told the Daily Mail in an interview from her prison cell in New York that she's "looking forward to my day in court to prove my innocence." That said, the hotly anticipated trial is expected to last six weeks.

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