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Is Omicron a diversion from Ghislaine Maxwell trial? BONKERS conspiracy theory does the rounds

Social media users claim 'Omicron will wipe out any news of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial,' as many find the timing of the news suspicious
UPDATED NOV 29, 2021
Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (US Attorney's Office) and an Australian woman getting tested for Covid-19. (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)
Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (US Attorney's Office) and an Australian woman getting tested for Covid-19. (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

In late November, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally acknowledged the presence of a new variant of concern of Covid-19 - Omicron. In just days, the news has sparked massive global travel restrictions and a number of conspiracy theories. As we earlier reported, many claim the WHO skipped naming the variant Xi to avoid offending China. 

Now, there's a new bonkers claim going viral on the internet. Somehow, conspiracy theorists managed to connect the Covid variant to the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. The socialite's case will be tried in the Manhattan Federal Court from November 29, 2021, just days after Omicron was declared by the WHO. Many say the Omicron variant is but a "distraction" from the news of the trial.


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It's unclear where the theory was born, but it's now taken over Reddit and Twitter as well. A large number of users are sharing warnings, asking people to keep their eye on the trial, rather than the Omicron variant. The variant was first detected in South Africa and several other African nations prompting instant travel restrictions. The reason is because of its extremely dangerous mutations, which are believed to be resistant to vaccines.

So far, the variant has been detected in five countries, but that could change in the coming days as nations step up testing and quarantine. So yes, it may seem like all eyes are on Omicron at the moment, which is what theorists are concerned about. Here are just a few of the many posts they are making about the "news".

'Let’s stop being sheep'

"Not to worry Omicron will wipe out any news of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial!!," one user tweeted. Another said, "Don't let media mislead you with #Omicron and other "breaking news", taking away all attention from the #GhislaineMaxwell trial. This is what should be all over the news starting tomorrow!" One person said, "Is anyone assigned to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? Could we hear at least as much about that as omicron? It matters more."




"It’s no coincidence that this Omicron variant pops up just days before the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. LETS WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! They don’t want us paying attention to the trial. There is a reason her trial isn’t getting ANY media coverage. Let’s stop being sheep," one person declared. Another commented, "Convenient, seems Omicron is the code name for the Ghislaine Maxwell diversion..." Another tweeted, "Let's not call it the, "Omicron" variant, let's call it what it is, "The Ghislaine Maxwell Diversion Variant"."




There's little proof of these claims and at the moment, the timing just seems like an odd coincidence. Maxwell's trial is expected to be widely covered by the media, especially since Jeffery Epstein died, leaving her as one of the few insiders with knowledge of what exactly happened. Federal Court rules bar live streaming or broadcasting of the trial, so whatever we know will be based on reports from the media.