Georgia cop resigns after video of him having sex in uniform went viral on TikTok

Georgia cop resigns after video of him having sex in uniform went viral on TikTok
Screenshot from the TikTok video (TikTok/ @318dillydilly)

A police officer from a small town in Georgia has reportedly quit his job after being caught on video having sex in his uniform. Larry 'Benjamin' Thompson was allegedly receiving oral sex from an unknown woman outdoors behind his service vehicle when a TikToker named Dillon Cole filmed him.

Cole was working atop a telecommunications tower in the area when he saw Thompson getting oral sex. He captured the pair without their knowledge and shared it on the social media platform on March 20. The workman captioned the video, re-shared twice after, as “Police caught on cam!!!” which has apparently attracted more than 16 million views as of Tuesday, March 29.


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The cop in question was reportedly identified by his superiors at Millen Police Department earlier this week. He was also asked to resign before he met with Police Chief Dwayne Herrington. The Daily Mail reported that after Thompson’s resignation “a record of his past misconduct - which includes an instance in 2019 that saw the cop crash into and kill a senior-aged driver while responding to a call, and another that saw him accidentally shoot a fellow officer in 2017 - has since come to light.”

It has been said that in 2019, Thompson had crashed a vehicle while driving 86 miles per hour in Millen. He was going to a crime scene but his rash driving killed a 76-year-old man. He also shot a fellow officer in the arm in 2017. At the time, Thompson had claimed that he was cleaning his firearm “when it got jammed and went off’ but the findings report said the gun “had no malfunctions that would cause an unintentional discharge, and classified Thompson as ‘negligent,’” the Daily Mail added.

Also, in 2021, Thompson was accused of harassing a woman with whom he was in a relationship earlier. When he was questioned on the matter, he reportedly admitted to finding the accuser’s address after she moved to a new place but claimed he did so only to return some old items to her. After the investigation, the man was suspended for two days and was also ordered to complete GBI security awareness training.

In an unrelated incident, a Florida cop was terminated from his job after his former girlfriend informed his superiors that he had sex with male prostitutes on duty, shared nude photos on the gay dating app Grindr and brought seized drugs for her to sell. Joshua Brack was working as sheriff's deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff before being fired.

After an investigation into Brack’s girlfriend’s claims, a report was made that stated, “The photographs were of D/S Brack while on duty and in his PBSO issued uniform, in a restroom stall, with his uniform pants off, genitals exposed and in various positions. Photograph one depicted D/S Brack posing on his knees, with his buttocks and genitals exposed.”

It added: “His uniform pants are lying on the floor next to him. Photograph two depicted D/S Brack posing on his arms and knees with his buttocks and genitals exposed. In this photograph his PBSO portable radio was observed on the bathroom railing. Photograph three depicted D/S Brack standing with his buttocks and genitals exposed. A search of his PBSO timecard revealed D/S Brack was on duty May 4, 2021, at the time he emailed himself those three nude photographs.”

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