'Gender Queer': Texas mom furious as book depicting oral sex is seen in school library

'Gender Queer': Texas mom furious as book depicting oral sex is seen in school library
The cover of Maia Kobabe's 'Gender Queer' (Amazon) and an image of one of the pages (Twitter)

A furious mother in Texas has taken to social media to vent her frustrations after finding a book about LGBTQ sex in a school library. The book in question 'Gender Queer' was found on the bookshelves of the Keller Independent School District, with the district unaware of its contents. An interview and Twitter post later, it was promptly pulled, but not before the mom called out the school on social media for "legitimate visual porn."

Conservative parents all over the country have been eager to analyze their kid's schools, often finding extremely disturbing materials. In mid-September, Kara Bell dramatically revealed to the Lake Travis Independent School District the presence of 'Out of Darkness' in libraries, with references to anal sex. Around the same time, Brandi Burkman in Texas brought to her school district's attention the presence of 'Law Boy', with equally lewd passages. 


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Back in 2020, a Catholic school in Nashville went viral for removing 'Harry Potter' books because "The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells." While many saw the funny side of that story, the same cannot be said of the more recent incidents. Parents are furious that their minor children are being exposed to sex in graphic and unsupervised ways, as school districts all over the country are already facing challenges over CRT and racism.

Warning: graphic images below that are not suitable for all audiences

'No indication of graphic illustration'

It's unknown who exactly the parent is, but they go by the name 'Texas Morning Covfefe' on Twitter. On October 27, the account tweeted, "Welcome to Keller ISD. Yes, a Texas School.Where legitimate visual porn, a felony offense, is in one of our libraries. They were quick to find the book and pulled it from a students hands, realizing the severity of distributing porn." Along with that tweet, the account also uploaded a photo of the problematic scenes shown in the book.



That tweet was followed up by another showcasing masturbation and gay sex. The story was picked up by Todd Starnes, who noted that the book was found at the Timber Creek High School. Written by Maia Kobabe, who goes by the pronouns of "e" and "eir", the book "charts eir journey of self-identity, which includes the mortification and confusion of adolescent crushes, grappling with how to come out to family and society, bonding with friends over erotic gay fanfiction." 

In response to the story, the Keller ISD told Starnes that "There was no indication from the book’s description that it contained graphic illustrations; however, once the librarian and campus administrators became aware of the images, they immediately removed the book." They added, "We are changing the process we use to review and approve books and related materials to prevent future incidents."

'This is insane'

The tweet quickly went viral as many parents joined in on the fury. One person replied, "What the actual f--k??! Dear God help these babies." Another commented, "What the actual. Disgusting. I have kids in this district. NOT. OKAY." Another tweeted, "WTF. This is insane; and evil! Our children are under attack."




"I pray charges have been filed," one user replied to the tweet. Another commented, "I was called a homophobe for opposing this I don’t care if gay or straight, books illustrating sex acts are porn. Plain and simple." One person tweeted, "This is totally unacceptable!! Everything and Everyone involved in allowing this at any School in The United States of America should be prosecuted and incarcerated for life!!! God Help!!!!!"




A handful of users also came out in support of the book, but they seemed dwarfed by those in opposition. It also appears the book has made its way to schools in other states, like The Orange County School Board in Florida. The Gateway Pundit was approached by two parents who highlighted the presence of the book in the library of Boone High School. The website says its journalist was ejected from the school board meeting when they attempted to read passages to the crowd. 

It's unclear how many more school districts have 'Gender Queer' in their libraries. Published in 2019, the book has won the 2020 Alex Award by the American Library Association. Both on Amazon and Google Books, the memoir is highly rated, but clearly, its contents have struck a nerve with plenty of others. 

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