‘Gaslit’ Episode 3: Winnie has the scoop, but will she be able to help Martha?

‘Gaslit’ Episode 3: Winnie has the scoop, but will she be able to help Martha?
Julia Roberts and Allison Tolman in 'Gaslit' (Starz)

Based on a true story, Starz’s political thriller series ‘Gaslit’ revolves around Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts), the outspoken wife of John Mitchell (Sean Penn), at the time of the Watergate scandal. The series progresses through Martha’s attempts to express her concerns regarding President Nixon and the scandal.

In the first episode of ‘Gaslit’, we meet a journalist named Winnie (Allison Tolman) who is interviewing Martha. After the interview, Martha contacts Winnie to publish a story about the feud between Nixon and Henry Kissinger. In Episode 4, Martha, who is now in a dangerous situation, contacts Winnie again to let her know about her house arrest as well as the Watergate cover-up.


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In the previous episode, we see Martha wake up to find that John has gone back to Washington, leaving her behind with Peter, a relatively new member of their security team. When Martha tries to contact her husband, Peter manhandles her and sends her back to her room. John Mitchell is afraid of his wife’s potential reaction to McCord’s arrest and knows that if she figures out the truth about Watergate, she will reach out to her journalist friends and reveal McCord’s connection with her family. Hence, John decides it's better to keep her isolated.

Allison Tolman as Winnie in Episode 3 of 'Gaslit' (Starz)


In episode 3 titled ‘King George’, we see Martha under house arrest, hatching a plan to escape. She calls Winnie and tells her that she is being held prisoner. She also mentions the Watergate break-in and McCord's arrest, although she doesn’t know the full details. However, before she could share more information, she is caught by Peter who disconnects the phone. This is followed by a physical fight between Peter and Martha where she breaks his finger. However, Peter overpowers Martha, leaving her helpless and scared. She pleads with him to leave her alone. Will Winnie be able to save Martha? Stay tuned to the next episode of ‘Gaslit’.

Episode 3 of 'Gaslit' is available to stream on Starz.

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