'Gaslit' Episode 2: Martha Mitchell is sidelined and restrained from learning truth about Watergate

'Gaslit' Episode 2: Martha Mitchell is sidelined and restrained from learning truth about Watergate
Julia Robert in a still from 'Gaslit' (Starz)

Contains spoilers for 'Gaslit' Episode 2

The first episode of 'Gaslit' premiered last week and Julia Roberts was praised by her fans and critics for her fantastic performance as "mouth of the south" Martha Mitchell. The series is based on the gripping first season of the Slate podcast 'Slow Burn', which explores Martha’s position as an unlikely whistleblower of the Watergate scandal.

In Episode 1 of the Starz series, we were introduced to Martha Mitchell, an Arkansan socialite who is married to John Mitchell (Sean Penn), the US attorney general under Richard Nixon. The viewers got a glimpse of their toxic marriage and the breakdown of their relationship. Episode 2 will finally depict the Watergate operation and shows how John Mitchell will go to any lengths to make sure that Martha never learns the truth.


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In episode 2 the viewers witness the Watergate operation taking place and how the plan went wrong when Frank Wills detects the break-in. This led to the arrest of five men, including James McCord, the former bodyguard of John and Martha Mitchell. John Dean informs John Mitchell about the incident who is in California along with Martha and their daughter. Both of them appear to be terrified about the incident. “The next 48 hours are gonna be crucial,” informs Mitchell. Dean also reveals his fears and asks Mitchell what if Martha comes to know about the plan and calls one of her journalist friends. An alarmed Mitchell decides not to reveal anything to Martha and quickly returns to Washington. He leaves Martha behind without telling her about the break-in or McCord's arrest. Moreover, he left instructions with her security guard Peter to not let Martha speak to any reporters, who might ask her about the news or mention McCord.

Martha is warned by Peter in Episode 2 of 'Gaslit' (Starz)


Later in the episode, Martha suspects some foul play. She tries to contact her husband but Peter aggressively holds her and warns her that she is “not in charge here”. He mocks a scared Martha by saying, “Your husband's a very busy man, and he doesn't have time right now to take your call." The scene ends with dark music playing in the background.

Will Martha be able to put the puzzle together and discover her husband’s plan? Stay tuned to the next episode of ‘Gaslit’.

Episode 2 of 'Gaslit' is available on Starz.

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