Alternate endings to 'Game of Thrones' season 8 that are enough to give you all the closure you need

Alternate endings to 'Game of Thrones' season 8 that are enough to give you all the closure you need

This article contains major spoilers for season 8 episode 5

'Game of Thrones' fans are so frustrated with the way the final eighth season got penned down that they have started their own fan petition requestion HBO to remake the entire season with different writers. But while the petition already holds over 200,000 signatures, other fans have opened the gates of creativity and let their imaginations run wild and free, coming up with newer alternative endings for the show to culminate with after nine successful long years.

Standing just days away from the finale — which is set to air on this coming Sunday — we have Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) presumably gearing to rule King's Landing, though we don't know who exactly she will be ruling, having burned more than half the city down. Those closest to her (who are still alive, that is) — Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) — have already betrayed her trust so, at this point, we will probably see them either getting punished or managing to escape somehow.

And if that particular ending wasn't the blandest, bleakest thing, the writing that is expected to go along with it will definitely manage to infuriate fans some more — the way it has the entire season. So let's pretend an alternate universe exists where the show wasn't completely ruined in its final season, as the following fan theories manage to save the day.



Daenerys is Azor Ahai and the prophecy is yet to pass

Reddit user Agirlisonfire69 came up with this excellent theory where Daenerys is actually the Princess who was promised in a prophecy from the original books by George R. R. Martin, to vanquish evil and save everyone. "I propose that Daenerys is Azor Ahai," writes the user explaining that she will kill "Cersei or one of her brothers, likely Tyrion for some supposed betrayal or failure. And finally, for his threat to her crown or his inability to do whatever it takes to win, she will take the dragon glass sword she wielded to fight the wights and plunge it into Jon's heart while he sleeps, turning him into the new night king. He is Ice. She is Fire. This is how the song will end."


Jon becomes the new Night King

Another Reddit user, surajsreddit believes "Jon and Arya escape to Winterfell. Daenerys comes to know of this and decides to attack Winterfell with her Dragon and army. The North is weak! They do not have any soldiers left to defend the castle and the people of the North. Jon & Ary reach Winterfell and come to know of how Daenerys is going to attack through Bran and Sansa. They have heated discussions about what to do until Bran says 'There is only one way left' and the next scene is near the Weirwood Tree inside Winterfell. The last scene of the finale shows that Jon is standing bare-chested. He looks into Bran's eyes and nods in agreement." We know what follows next as the scene of the Children of the Forest creating the first Night King is too fresh in our memories. 

Arya kills Cersei

Game of Thrones fan theory on an alternate ending to the series, that proposes Arya Stark kills Cersei Lannister. (Source: Twitter)

Fans have gloated over the idea of Arya Stark being the one to kill Cersei Lannister ever since the little girl put the now dead Mad Queen on her kill list for crafting the murder of half of her family. One of the fan favorite theories of Arya killing Cersei has been by the faceless assassin killing Jaime Lannister first, and then taking his face to get closer to Cersei, eventually killing the cruel queen. So if we were to consider that Jaime and Cersei somehow survive the pile of rubble that crashed upon them, this does seem like a very plausible ending! Why? Purely because Cersei and Jaime deserve a death more ceremonious than the lame excuse for a final moment the two shared on the show. 

Jorah is the next Night King

This is interesting purely because how less of a discussion has been on the idea. This theory would raise from the dead Jorah — the friendzone icon who died protecting the woman he loved and was loyal to all his life. Plus this would also establish that the Night King wasn't puny enough to be taken down by a little girl. "Watch Jorah’s 'death scene'," suggests Reddit user gottheories, before explaining: "At one point, a wight appears to break the tip off in his chest, right where the Night King was stabbed in the flashback, that Bloodraven and Bran witnessed. I think Night King could warg any corpse, but Jorah's corpse has the dragon glass, which probably makes his corpse special. Since it was a wight who did it, I imagine the Night King knew what he was doing. Also, Jorah’s breastplate has a symbol that’s featured in the Dragonstone Cave. It seemed odd to me that HBO gave up the fantasy side so quickly, and I don’t think they did. I think they’re highlighting exactly how hard the Night King is to kill."


'Game of Thrones' returns with its last episode, the series finale (season 8, episode 6), on Sunday, May 19, at 9 pm, only on HBO.

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