Gabby Petito: TikTok psychic Unicorn Witch claims she can find missing girl in viral video

Gabby Petito: TikTok psychic Unicorn Witch claims she can find missing girl in viral video
Gabby Petito's whereabouts are being discussed by TikTok psychics (Instagram: @gabspetito, TikTok: @the.unicorn.witch)

The search for missing woman Gabby Petito is now toppling over to psychic territories as TikTokers and YouTubers are offering readings on her whereabouts. The latest addition to this is a viral video on Twitter that was originally posted by TikToker @the.unicorn.witch — who claims to have received information on Petito's current location the very day she was reported missing. The psychic however claims that she can't contribute to helping find Petito until the police or her family contact her.

Petito was registered as a missing person after her fiance Brian Laundrie returned home from their cross-country van trip with no news of her. Despite being labeled a person of interest by the North Port, Florida police, Laundrie has declined to speak to authorities. The case's sensational aspects were further amplified by a video of Petito and Laundrie talking to the police after an alleged altercation. Petito can be seen speaking through tears while Laundrie assures despite her attempting to slap him, they don't want to place charges on one another. But as the public demands the now-missing Laundrie to speak up and stop withholding information, psychics are now chiming in with their two cents about Petito's potential condition.


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Identified as Angela on her TikTok profile, the bespectacled psychic can be seen answering a question sent in by one of her followers regarding the mystery of Petito's disappearance. The question, displayed in the form of a question-box at the top left corner of the video, asks Angela, the 'unicorn witch', "CAN YOU HELP FIND GABBY PETITOS WHEREABOUTS". And to that, Angela answers in the affirmative, before revealing the disappointing reason why she can't disclose much on that front. 

"Yes, I can help find Gabby," Angela begins in the TikTok video, before adding: "but her family or police have to reach out." The self-proclaimed psychic with around 200K followers on TikTok and close to 3 million likes on her clips, then explains why unless she is reached out by those involved in the case, she can't help much. Angela says she needs authorities or Petito's family to reach out, "otherwise I'm just someone on the Internet, you know: saying what I feel and what I'm getting." Then the medium divulges: "But I did get some information the very first time I heard that she was missing like a few days ago." Angela assures, "I immediately did get information about her, but like I said, law enforcement or her family didn't reach out."

This particular psychic wasn't the first one to share tidbits of reading into the Gabby Petito case. Another psychic on Twitter who goes by the username @antphrodite shared a clip of tarot reading where the cards reveal accusations such as cheating and issues with the van Petito and Laundrie were traveling in. The psychic claims Laundrie, who returned to his Florida home in the same van and immediately got himself an attorney, will have an incredible defense. He will also try to paint Petito as someone fiercely independent who just dumped him with the van and left to go do her own thing, claims the psychic.


People have since agreed to their readings, saying "She's dead... Or she's about to make the most dramatic entrance back into the world which includes a book deal, paid interviews and maybe even a movie." Meanwhile, the video of Petito's breakdown in their van as police pulled them over after reports of a domestic violence disturbance has been haunting people. Some have since analyzed that Petito clearly looked emotionally strained, adhering to her claims of struggling with mental health. She can be seen telling cops that Laundrie doesn't believe she can do the living in a van thing by herself, which is what allegedly led to an argument between them that witnesses ultimately called police over.


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