Video: Brian Laundrie leaves 'uncomfortable' Gabby Petito alone in collapsing tent in rain

In the video montage, Gabby Petito struggles to keep her tent from collapsing in a heavy downpour but her partner Brian Laundrie is nowhere to be seen

                            Video: Brian Laundrie leaves 'uncomfortable' Gabby Petito alone in collapsing tent in rain
Gabby Petito documented her national parks tour with boyfriend Brian Laundrie on YouTube (YouTube/ Nomadic Statik, Instagram/ @gabspetito)

Some fans of missing travel vlogger Gabby Petito think she looked "uncomfortable" after she was left alone by her boyfriend Brian Laundrie in the rain inside a tent in the middle of a Utah desert. All of this was documented in a video on her YouTube channel called "VAN LIFE | Beginning Our Van Life Journey," which has been viewed over 200,000 times since her mysterious disappearance. 

Gabby Petito, 22, set out on a tour of national parks in early July and was last heard from on August 25. The white van that Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie were traveling in has since been recovered, but Laundrie is refusing to cooperate, adding to the mystery of her disappearance. Petito documented her cross-country road trip with her boyfriend in an eight-minute-long video on her YouTube channel Nomadic Statik. It was the first and only video posted on the channel three weeks ago. Although the video links to another video toward the end, it says, 'video unavailable' and once cannot access the other video. She has over 2,500 subscribers on her channel.


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'She actually seems really uncomfortable with him'


The last time that Petito's mother Nicole Schmidt was in touch with her daughter via text, the former was reportedly at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. She and her fiancee were reportedly heading for Yellowstone National Park in California, but she never made it. Her mother Nicole Schmidt is now urging for help locating her daughter after police found the 2012 Ford van Petito and Laundrie were traveling in. 

Internet sleuths have been hard at work analyzing the one and only video from her trip, which is mostly made up of video montages of the sight-seeing, food and moments she spent together with Laundrie. Some of them have come up with the opinion that although the video starts off on a positive note, Petito eventually did not look comfortable to be in the presence of Laundrie. 

"Check out their YouTube video and go to the 5:15 mark. She is in the tent, talking about what they are going to do for the day, then it gets awkward. She pans to him while outside the tent and she can barely look at him. She actually seems really uncomfortable with him. Anybody else see or notice this?? Then watch the video from the beginning and you can see how happy the trip started, smiling, laughing, kissing, etc," one of them said in the comments section of the video.

'He appears rather controlling in personality'



There was also one point in the video where Petito seemed to be struggling to keep her tent from collapsing amidst a heavy downpour and her boyfriend is nowhere to be seen. Another commented: "Did anyone notice when it's raining in the tent she referred to herself in solo saying 'me and I've' instead of 'We' like in the second tent clip. I know living in close quarters like that with someone like that, 24/7, for over a year had to have some tense times where you need to be alone. I wonder if they got in an argument and he left her somewhere expecting her to be there when he returned and something may have happened and she wasn't there when he went back. He might have panicked and went home, which is why he got a lawyer and won't cooperate. Just a theory I haven't seen out there yet. Praying for Gabby's safe return."

A third noted: "She appears to have been crying at a few parts. He appears rather controlling in personality. I wish this monster would just say what he did and where he put her." The next stated, "At 7:30 in this video, her eyes are puffy. No sign of injury though." One more added, "Is it me or the way she interacts with him is as if she's walking on eggshells and they have some level of awkwardness between them." A commenter remarked, "Her Bald Bf screams 'I'm a creep 100% vibes.' while she scream positive loving vibes. So sad, he could probably tell she was too blind to the hatred mean reality of the world and it cost her." One more posted, "At the end of the video there is a card that is supposed to link to another video but it says 'video unavailable'. Was there another video and it was removed I wonder?"