‘FUBAR’ Episode 7 Review: Luke hesitates to kill Boro and ends up endangering Emma’s life instead

‘FUBAR’ Episode 7 Review: Luke hesitates to kill Boro and ends up endangering Emma’s life instead
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Luna in Netflix's 'FUBAR' (YouTube/Netflix & Instagram/@iamgabrielluna)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Despite all their differences, one thing is assured in ‘FUBAR’ — Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the once-upon-a-time retired CIA agent loves his children, especially Emma Brunner (Monica Barbaro). However, Emma is not happy about her father’s past CIA escapades that meant more work and less time for the family. This has soured Emma’s mind and heart who now blames Luke for ruining Tally’s (Luke’s wife and Emma’s mother) life. Luke is a man with a golden heart, who despite what her daughter believes, loves and cares for her just as he cared for Boro Polonia, the son of a mercenary who Luke killed for the CIA. 

Luke even helped Boro get a good education but he faltered and turned to the heinous ways of his father. Now when the CIA director briefs the team led by Luke about Boro’s whereabouts in Episode 7 titled, ‘Urine Luck,’ he ponders and recalls the innocence of Boro as a child. Luke doesn’t want to kill Boro but the rest of his team does. He stands his ground but his naivety clouds his judgment and endangers Emma’s life. 


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Does Luke see Boro as a son?

Luke feels responsible for destroying Boro’s childhood when he executed his mercenary father. In a fit of empathy, compassion, and guilt, Luke put Boro through a boarding school in London. Boro even went to Oxford and Wharton to complete his education but became a terrorist to honor his father’s name. Luke felt that all his hard work to pull Boro out of a heinous life of crime has gone for a toss. So he takes the responsibility to pull Boro back out from the abyss.  

The team including Luke, Emma, Aldon, and Roo smuggle their way to a reactor in Sardovia where Boro is working with Dr Novac to assemble the weapon of mass destruction. Aldon is injured but Luke and Emma make their way inside the reactor and apprehend Boro. Luke points the gun at him but doesn’t fire. He makes a mistake because of his guilt and pays the price as Emma is now trapped with Boro.


Does Luke regret his decision of not killing Boro?

Emma is stranded. Personally, Carter breaks up with her and Aldon won’t have her now but she sees her life flash before her eyes as an explosion leaves her trapped with Boro who only wants to kill her. Luke looks around and calls for Emma but can't find her. The explosion in the reactor leaves only a few minutes for everyone to get out. All this could have been avoided if Luke had pressed the trigger when he had the chance to kill Boro. 

But for now, he has endangered her daughter’s life and left her vulnerable to a maniac who wants to end her life. Luke hopes for a do-over as Emma takes on Boro in a hand-to-hand combat to save her life.


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 ‘FUBAR’ Episode 7 Review: Luke hesitates to kill Boro and ends up endangering Emma’s life instead