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'She NEEDS me to live': Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar's 20-year marriage secret revealed

'Our philosophies on life just never clicked. Then one day everything clicked,' Freddie Prinze Jr said
Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar got married in September 2002 and have two children together (Mark Mainz/Getty Images, Instagram/@sarahmgellar)
Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar got married in September 2002 and have two children together (Mark Mainz/Getty Images, Instagram/@sarahmgellar)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Freddie Prinze Jr has opened up about his secret to a successful marriage with Sarah Michelle Gellar despite never having watched her most popular work 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. The 46-year-old actor discussed his and Gellar’s marriage in an interview lately.

In the Australian radio show 'The Kyle & Jacki O Show', when Prinze Jr was asked if he ever calls his wife by her character Buffy's name, he said, "Not only have I never called her Buffy, I have never even seen the show." Prinze Jr acknowledged that he "hesitates" to offer relationship advice and then talked about the main reason his relationship has lasted for so long. "I hesitate at giving [relationship] advice because what's good for me may kill another, just like peanut butter," he began, adding, "My mum was a chef and I learned how to cook, and I married someone who couldn't cook. So I'm necessary. She needs me to live and sustain herself!" he joked. 


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"Number two is laughter. I still make her laugh," he added. The 'She's All That' star claimed that he can't stand a mess and loves doing laundry. "I hate a mess. If something is dirty, I clean it. I do the dishes while I'm cooking so there's less sh*t to look at. I can't stand a mess - my room is spotless, my car is spotless. I'm one day late for a haircut and I'm going crazy," Prinze Jr continued on the radio show. "I saw a picture crooked in another guy's office and I had to step up and straighten it. I can't stand anything looking like crap," he added.

Prinze Jr met Gellar while working together on the 1997 iconic slasher film 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. The couple didn't start dating until three years after working together. Prinze Jr told ET that he "didn't think she ate enough" so he "made sure I cooked for her. And she didn't have a driver's license so I was her chauffeur, and I would drive her to the gym every day and then go to the store, go get myself some lunch and then drive her back and we would just have an hour drive."

"We shot in this tiny little crazy town called South Fork," he went on. "I would drive her to Wilmington every day that we had off, every day during rehearsals and we would have, you know, 55 minutes - if I drove the speed limit - to get to know one another. She was from New York City and I am a SoCal kid, so we were night and day, and it was just our philosophies on life just never clicked," he admitted. "Then one day everything clicked, and it was about probably three years later, and we started dating and she's been my girlfriend ever since," he added with a smile.


Prinze Jr took a break from Hollywood to raise his children. However, he is now making his comeback to acting as a father for the first time in the new Netflix rom-com 'Christmas with You' opposite 'Lucifer' actress Aimee Garcia.