Freddie Gibbs reignites beef with DJ Akademiks while ranting against Uncle Murda’s diss

The 39-year-old rapper took things to his heart as he then slammed Murda on Twitter and Instagram respectively while also reigniting his beef with DJ Akademiks

                            Freddie Gibbs reignites beef with DJ Akademiks while ranting against Uncle Murda’s diss
Freddie Gibbs and Uncle Murda (Photos by Mike Windle/Getty Images/[email protected])

Rapper Uncle Murda, whose real name is Leonard Grant, kickstarted the New Year with a bang as he dropped a fierce 14-minute freeverse diss track that led to chaos on the Internet. The track called ‘Rap Up 2021’ saw Uncle Murda name-dropping several artistes that made news last year including Lil Nas X, Drake, and Kanye West along with Freddie Gibbs.
The 39-year-old rapper took things to his heart as he then slammed Murda on Twitter and Instagram respectively. While Freddie Gibbs was at it, his arch-nemesis DJ Akademiks further escalated the matter by poking fun at him over his social media posts. Gibbs and Akademiks just like the old times again exchanged heat on social media as Uncle Murda refrained from commenting anything further on the matter.
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Why did Freddie Gibbs shade Uncle Murda?

Freddie Gibbs, who is known for calling out rappers, got pissed off after Murda took shots at him on the lines of his tussle with Jim Jones. Uncle Murda in his track raps, “Let me smoke a blunt right now and get in my zone/Akademiks said Freddie Gibbs got beat up by Jim Jones.” He also mentions Gibbs again rapping, “Not a big fan of his the streets don't rock with him/That be Elliott ad B. Dot giving all those props to him/So when he talk tough we don't believe what he saying/His father a cop and his brother down with the DEA/Yeah, I ain't like his reaction when Nas won the Grammy/He never lost in court 'cause law enforcement is his family/I know I ain't the only one who feel like he hated/Freddie album ain't deserve to be Grammy nominated."
Freddie quickly logged into Twitter and dragged Uncle Murda saying, “(N-word) talkin s**t happy new year go pay your rent bi**h” following up with a new tweet, “I can’t wait to go to New York.” He then took a dig at DJ Akademiks after the later made fun of his Instagram stories. Gibbs tweeted, “Keep posting me it’s all promo bi**h.”  On Instagram, the Indiana native stated, “So many rappers on my d**k right now. I can’t wait to go to y’all city and show you how to sell it out byke byke.” In another Instagram story, the hip-hop artist added, “NYC should be ashamed of y’all non rapping a** (N-word). This is my s**t now. “










How did DJ Akademiks slide into Freddie Gibbs’ rant against Uncle Murda?

Taking complete advantage of the situation, DJ Akademiks slipped into Gibbs’ rant against Uncle Murda. Akademiks first tweeted, “U started wit me u irrelevant trash broke a** piece of s**t. I just exposed u the entire year til u a punch line now . (N-word) mention ur name to laugh at u. I’ll take credit for that.” In another tweet, he added, “FEDERICK Gibbs gets beat up by one New York rapper and dissed by another now he calling out the whole New York. @FreddieGibbs where the same trolling energy for Jim jones n Uncle Murda (N-word)…”

DJ Akademiks attends 2018 ComplexCon-Day 1 at Long Beach Convention Center on November 3, 2018 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)








How did the Internet react?

Hip-hop fans seemed to enjoy Freddie Gibbs shading Uncle Murda for his latest name-dropping banger. “If he had an issue with what uncle mudra said, then he should address uncle murda”, said one user as another posted, “Don't be made Gibbs he tryna earn stripes heard that boy a talker be careful.” One user tweeted, “Freddie Gibbs goes hard tho don’t get me wrong just don’t disrespect DIPSET in New York there’s nothing ya can really do about that one. PPL worship DIPSET.”  The next one added, “LMAO UNCLE MURDA CLOWNED YO GOOFY A**.” Whereas, one concluded, “I just know Freddie Gibbs ain’t letting Uncle Murda get away with that disrespect.”











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