Tucker Carlson may have secretly taken Covid-19 vaccine, Internet says 'clown is vaccinated'

'How necessary is it to take the vaccine? Don't kick people off social media for asking them. Answer the questions. Especially now,' Carlson said on his show

                            Tucker Carlson may have secretly taken Covid-19 vaccine, Internet says 'clown is vaccinated'
Fox News host Tucker Carlson's talk on the show about getting vaccines has people suspecting he already got his shots (Getty Images)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson raised doubts over the coronavirus vaccines out there in the market in his segment on Monday, March 15, causing many to wonder if he was putting up a show for his conservative audience because he had secretly already been inoculated against the deadly virus. 

"How necessary is it to take the vaccine? Don't just miss those questions from anti-vaxxers. Don't kick people off social media for asking them. Answer the questions. Especially now. The administration would like you to take this vaccine. (President) Joe Biden told you last week if you don't, you cant celebrate the Fourth of July. But it turns out, there are things we don't know about the effects of these vaccines and all vaccines, by the way, it's always a trade-off," Carlson said on his show. 




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After the clip of his segment was uploaded by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, it went viral on Twitter with a stream of reactions pouring in. "Ah, disinformation campaign," one of them said, while another quipped, "I hope I live to see the day karma has her wicked way with him." A third wrote, "He's pushing those insane talking points all the way to the bank."

There were also those who speculated whether Carlson already had gotten the vaccine doses. "I’ll bet he’s had the vaccine," one of them said while another wrote, "Why do I think he’s already been vaccinated." One more noted, "He’s now protesting the 6 feet that has been in place for a year.." The next remarked, "Betcha ol Tuck Tuck took the vaccine." A commenter tweeted, "I betcha he cut a line and got the vaccine." One more said, "Bet Tucker gets vaccinated in secret!" Another added, "I have a feeling that clown is vaccinated."





















Is Tucker Carlson an anti-vaxxer?

Although Carlson has never identified himself as an anti-vaxxer, he has time and again raised suspicions about the coronavirus vaccine. Back in February, he said on his show that powerful people are “for certain” trying to deceive people about the Covid-19 vaccine.

“There are a lot of those things right now, more than ever. One of them is our ongoing COVID pandemic. After months of hearing that life could never return to normal until we get a vaccine, we’ve got a vaccine. Two vaccines, actually. But life did not return to normal. Life got worse,” Tucker complained. “We were instructed to take the new vaccine as soon as possible, and then to put on more masks. One mask was no longer enough. Anyone who complained about that was punished."

Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 21, 2018, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)


He added: “Most people obeyed the orders. They had no choice. But the whole thing made them nervous. How could it not? Why exactly did the rules change all of a sudden, they wondered. Was there a good reason for that? When are we finally get a repeal corona law? And what about this vaccine? Why are Americans being discouraged from asking simple straightforward questions about it, questions like: How effective are these drugs? Are they safe? What’s the miscarriage risk for pregnant women, for example? Is there a study on that? May we see it? And by the way, how much are the drug companies making off this stuff?”

Carlson also repeated similar claims in December of last year. Citing the case of an Alaska woman’s allergic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, he attacked the scientific community, government leaders, social media companies and celebrities for promoting the shots. He then questioned the safety and efficacy of the vaccine as “glitzy” and “too slick.” “So, how are the rest of us supposed to respond to a marketing campaign like this? Well, nervously,” Carlson told his audience. “Even if you’re strongly supportive of vaccines, and we are, even if you recognize how many millions of lives have been saved over the past 50 years by vaccines, and we do, it all seems a bit much. It feels false because it is. It’s too slick."

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