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Monica Crowley calls Joe Biden 'most corrupt President' ever, Internet says 'back it up with facts'

Former assistant treasury secretary Monica Crowley lashed out at President Joe Biden on Twitter but did not explain what prompted her remarks
Monica Crowley called President Joe Biden the ‘most corrupt President we've ever had' (Dave Kotinsky/Michael A McCoy/Getty Images)
Monica Crowley called President Joe Biden the ‘most corrupt President we've ever had' (Dave Kotinsky/Michael A McCoy/Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former assistant treasury secretary and host of the Monica Crowley Podcast, Monica Crowley recently lashed out at President Joe Biden, calling him the "most corrupt President". “Joe Biden is the most corrupt President we’ve ever had. By far,” she remarked on Twitter, but did not explain why. 

Crowley's remarks led to some backlash on Twitter as one user pointed out, “I don’t recall seeing 95% of the people around him going to prison or on their way to prison. Oh right? That’s the previous admin…” “When you make a statement like that could you at least try to back it up with facts?” another added. Someone noted, “Fact Checking...It isn't Joe Biden going through 19 criminal and civil investigations.” “Yup, trump was never a “president” He was a traitor,” another added. 


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One user wondered, “I can’t figure out if this is a parody account. It has to be, right?” “I'm confused. Let's conflate the issue with more rhetoric not one cited case. You are bordering on libel," another alleged. The former assistant treasury secretary had badmouthed President Biden last year as she warned about the potential national security consequences of his confusing nuclear ‘Armageddon’ comments.








Crowley emphasized how the confused rhetoric puts the world in danger and raises the possibility of a disastrous geopolitical error on an episode of ‘Fox & Friends Weekend'. She said, “There's a difference between strategic ambiguity, which is you do want to keep your enemies a little bit off balance. But the problem with this president is he is always off balance. He is a confusing mess all the time. And it's one thing if his rhetoric is confused, say, on tax or environmental policy here at home. It's another thing entirely when his rhetoric and he's wandering off the reservation on issues of war and peace and life and death for the American people. That's when it puts us all in peril.” 


In a different interview on ‘Hannity’, Monica seemed to suggest that a conspiracy exists between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party, adding, “Joe Biden has always been a hack, but now he is president of the United States and America's commander in chief. And there is evidence that the Biden family has benefited tremendously from the CCP and Chinese Communist Party-related entities to the tune of well over $10 million. So the CCP and those entities do not write those kinds of checks without expecting something in return.”

“So obviously there's a lot of speculation, Tammy, as to whether or not this president is compromised. And if so, shame on Joe Biden for putting his family's and personal interests ahead of America's national security interests and ahead of the American people. This is why we have tremendous weakness in dealing with this fundamental, existential threat to the US,” she remarked.

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