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'Look at this s**t': Former Wendy's employee EXPOSES unsanitary kitchen conditions

Jose Martinez, an ex-employee at Wendy's, shared the video on TikTok which shows unclean practices at the restaurant
The video which has garnered over a million views on Tik Tok, shows kitchen surfaces covered in mould and dried meat being used in the food(Twitter @1947collective)
The video which has garnered over a million views on Tik Tok, shows kitchen surfaces covered in mould and dried meat being used in the food(Twitter @1947collective)

SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA: A former Wendy employee's video on Tik Tok has gone viral as he exposed his restaurant's revolting kitchen. The video shows the unhygienic kitchen practices at the popular fast food joint.

According to Newsweek, Jose G Martinez recently quit his fast food job and warned viewers never to dine at his former restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The video shows a moldy cookstove and a container of meat that allegedly sat out for hours.


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Jose said in the video, "this is what y'all been eating off of, look at this s**t," as his camera captures Wendy's cookstove covered with green and white mold. He said, "they don't know how to clean [their] s**t properly." The video has since clocked more than 1.2 million views on Tik Tok.


In another video, Jose showed a tub of meat sitting in clouded water. The ex-employee in the TikTok video said, "oh and by the way, this is rehydrated dried-out meat that's been sitting in this thing probably since this morning, or mid-afternoon at least, minimum." Jose wrote in his caption that the meat sat out until midnight, after which restaurant workers used it in the restaurant's chili soup over baked potatoes and taco salads.


Jose revealed that he had taken up a second job at Wendy's in April 2022 while working as a tire tech next door. He said, "I will put a f*****g burger that I cooked at home on the ground of this mechanic shop and eat it right off the ground before I would even eat any more food out of that place, how filthy and nasty it is all the time."


The comments in the video thanked Jose for bringing to light Wendy's unhealthy food and sanitary practices. A comment read, "You're a KING for posting the address of the particular Wendy's! People can't avoid it if they don't know." Another wrote, "Someone needs to call the health department !!!!" Meanwhile, others questioned the working conditions of the kitchen.

A Wendy's spokesperson, while speaking to Newsweek said, "This video was posted by a former team member who no longer works at the restaurant. We are committed to upholding our high standards of cleanliness and quality, and continue to reinforce our strict quality procedures with our restaurant team."

Jose's video comes after an ongoing investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into an E. Coli outbreak linked with Wendy's restaurants in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The CDC announced on Friday, August 19 that they received reports of people falling sick after eating sandwiches with romaine lettuce at Wendy's locations. As per the outlet, thirty-seven people have fallen ill and 10 have been hospitalized.

The restaurant said in a statement that it is "fully cooperating with public health authorities on their ongoing investigation of the regional E. coli outbreak reported in certain midwestern states."

The spokesperson continued, "while the CDC has not yet confirmed a specific food as the source of that outbreak, we are taking the precaution of discarding and replacing the sandwich lettuce at some restaurants in that region." He added, "the lettuce that we use in our salads is different, and is not affected by this action."