'Floribama Shore': Fans upset about season end, reminisce the show

'Floribama Shore': Fans upset about season end, reminisce the show
Codi Butts and Aimee Hall from 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)

There's always more than just a handful of reasons as to why anyone would love MTV's 'Floribama Shore'. The gang is loaded up with good food and drinks, has a pig and a dog as pets, always has trashy girl talk, petty fights, hilarious banter, some fun summer games and not to mention, some good old-fashioned twisted friendship or relationship drama.
Season 5 of 'Floribama Shore' stars the regulars, which include Gus Smyrnios, Candace Rice, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Codi Butts, Nilsa Prowant, and Jeremiah Buoni. The final episode of Season 5 saw the gang caught up in an emotional rollercoaster as they promised to stay in touch.

, having played a significant role in each other's lives. 


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One the final episode of Season 5 of 'Floribama Shore', we see Gus Smyrnios sincerely apologizing to the gang for having hurt them, whilst vowing to be their family forever. Nilsa announces Aimee and Candace to be her bridesmaids and the trio share an emotional moment. On the downside, Gus licks Codi's dirt-soaked foot to win a bet.

Here's what fans have to say about the finale. 

One fan said, "I don’t want this season to end!! #FloribamaShore #MTVFloribamaShore", while another said, "You guys came long way since the beginning. Y’all came in to the shore house as strangers, and now you’re all becoming a one big happy family. I love you all!! @JeremiahBuoni
@nillythesquid @aimeehall1001 @KirkMedas @GusSmyrnios @codibutts #FloribamaShore #MTVFloribamaShore".

One fan shared, "I’m so sad that this is ending. Imma miss Aimee’s advice, Gus’ crazy hair, Codi’s “Butt”, Nilsa’s momma vibes, Candace’s prayers, Kirk’s keeping all the shit together, and damn Jeremiah’s muscles. Y’all stay cool #FloribamaShore #mtv@aimeehall1001", while another tweeted, "Aww it’s their last day in the house. So sad! #FloribamaShore #MTVFloribamaShore". 









One fan shared, "Season Finale!! Let’s goooo! @FloribamaShore @JeremiahBuoni@codibutts @GusSmyrnios @nillythesquid @pimpfrydrice @aimeehall1001 @KirkMedas We live!! #FloribamaShore", while another said, "this is the last episode of the season. FML... moremore more @MTV
@nillythesquid @codibutts @aimeehall1001 @GusSmyrnios @pimpfrydrice @JeremiahBuoni @KirkMedas #FloribamaShore". 

One fan shared, "#FloribamaShore wouldnt be the same without @GusSmyrnios @codibutts @KirkMedas @JeremiahBuoni Aimee needs some new female party goers like maybe the 2 Tori's? Kortni is really missed & Nilsa wont be partying on the same level & hopefully they'll be back in the bars in Florida!", while another said, "Kortni was such a hilarious bad ass ("baby girl Ill kick your ass") First season was so much fun & show needs to bring someone on to fill the void of Kortni & now Nilsa bc I suspect as a new mom/wife wont be partying like that anymore #Floribamashore@sallyannsalsano @495Prods". 










And just like that, Season 5 of 'Floribama Shore' comes to an end. Will there be a renewal or a new season with the gang? We'll just have to wait this one out, so stay tuned for more updates!

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