'Floribama Shore': Did Gus Smyrnios know about Nilsa Prowant's pregnancy before Season 4 filming began?

'Floribama Shore': Did Gus Smyrnios know about Nilsa Prowant's pregnancy before Season 4 filming began?
Gus Smyrnios, Nilsa Prowant and Gus Gazda of 'Floribama Shore' (Gus/ Nilsa/ Instagram)

Gus Smyrnios and Nilsa Prowant's relationship has been nothing short of toxic. There was a time when the exes from 'Floribama Shore' couldn't keep their hands off each other but at the same time, there were bitter moments too that split them. But they are now in a good space, or so it seems. His reaction to Nilsa's pregnancy was one of surprise and shock.

He lowered himself into a chair nearby while everyone rejoiced, especially Codi Butts who was excited about being an uncle soon. However, we think there's a good chance he may have known about the pregnancy before filming began. 


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We say that because Gus, in an interview with Hollywood Life, dished that #Gilsa is old news and that he couldn't be happier for the new phase in Nilsa's life. To be honest, she deserves it given how heartbroken she has been after her father's death. Her world came crashing down and from the looks of it, there's a lot of healing needed still. Coming back to Gus's story. He said that there was no bad blood between them and in fact, he, his then-girlfriend Nilsa and her fiance Gus Gazda hung out often. They would go out on double dates too. 


Wait for it! That's just the tip of the iceberg. What Nilsa shared had us wondering if these two had become thick friends before filming began. Gus was invited to the Gus-Prowant household for easter. That should mean something, right? “Leading up to filming, me, Gus and the other Gus hung out multiple times,” she told the publication and added: “Gus came to Easter at my house, we went to Top Golf with him multiple times. We were hanging out with his family at one point. We had hung out more times than I can count on two hands. So for me, there was no issue. We were all friends."

However, this is mere speculation based on what the reality TV stars dished in their chat with the outlet. For now, we'll stick to Gus's storyline and pretend that he was really hurt when he first heard Nilsa's pregnancy news. 

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