'Floribama Shore' Season 4: Gus Smyrnios teases a hookup with Nilsa Prowant, but she's committed and pregnant

'Floribama Shore' Season 4: Gus Smyrnios teases a hookup with Nilsa Prowant, but she's committed and pregnant
Nilsa Prowant and Gus Smyrnios from 'Floribama Shore' (Nilsa/ Gus/ Instagram)

Gus Smyrnios and Nilsa Prowant were in a toxic on-off relationship that spanned three seasons. Even though they made solid efforts to build a strong friendship last year, the maiden and sophomore years played out like a cat-and-mouse game for the two. And now, he wants to see what more their connection has to offer. Before we explore Gus' new-found zeal, let's take a look at what transpired between him and Nilsa over all these years.

In Season 1, Nilsa was healing from a troubled relationship and was not in the right headspace. Gus didn't quite catch the hint and continued to pursue her. His repeated attempts to get romantically close with Nilsa finally bore fruit when Nilsa agreed to get intimate. But it was not pleasant. They were trapped in a loop where they'd hook up and not talk. 


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It was hard to watch, she told Hollywood Life and added that she found herself questioning her moves. "This guy clearly does not want anything to do with me. Why am I still chasing him? I do not deserve that. I feel like if no guy is going to treat me like a queen, then I need to keep it moving," the reality TV star recalled.

Going into Season 3, Gus and Nilsa weren't talking. He was dating someone who didn't like these two former flames together. The girlfriend even blocked Nilsa on social media. There was a lot of awkwardness between the two, which pretty much seems to be a thing of the past given how thrilled Gus is to have Nilsa around in the lodge.


As the rest of the cast chill over a few beers and tour the gorgeous Montana lodge they will be staying at, the exes chat about future plans when Nilsa revealed she is hoping to get married soon. This had Gus surprised because at that point it had only been a year since Nilsa went out with now-fiance Gus Gazda. 

Later, in his confessional, he said: "She is moving back into the house with me, and we do have that history there. Once we start drinking, you never know what the f*ck's going to happen." Did he just tease a hook-up? He was just setting himself up for failure because Nilsa is committed and pregnant at the time.  

Catch more from the former couple when 'Floribama Shore' returns with Season 4 on February 25, Thursday at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.

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