What is Gus Smyrnios's net worth? 'Floribama Shore' star took to fitness after being bullied in high school

What is Gus Smyrnios's net worth? 'Floribama Shore' star took to fitness after being bullied in high school
Gus Smyrnios (Gus/ Instagram)

Gus Smyrnios is a 'Floribama Shore' regular and for good reason. He is outgoing, loves to meet new people, and the heart of every party.  He fits right in with the format of the show. He doesn't talk about it but somewhere Gus is probably aware that he'll continue to be a part of the MTV-backed offering. But, never really settles into it.

Gus has side hustles he's invested in, which explains the impressive money he has made over the years.


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How his ex helped him land a gig with MTV

Life hit him early. According to a TV Over Mind report, Gus was thrown out of his own house over an argument with his parents, following which he took a criminal justice course at the Santa Fe College. He has never openly spoken about his past, so therefore, this information cannot be confirmed at this point. However, he doesn't practice law and his life went in a completely different direction when he took to fitness post a breakup. 



Talking to Feeling The Vibe, the reality TV star revealed that growing up "chunky" was tough on him and he got picked for it. "After I broke up with a girl I had been dating from 16 to 19, I realized something. If I want to date a certain type of girl, I’m probably going to have to get in shape. I started working out, and then it branched out from there," he added. 

After he graduated high school, he dated a model briefly through whom he landed a shoot. The photos from it went up on his social media and that was when MTV contacted him to be a part of the show. But before he said yes to the network, he was also showing up book cover photoshoots. "That happened right before the show as well. A book publisher company saw my comp card and asked if I’d be interested. I did a couple of shoots before I left to film season one of 'Floribama Shore'," he told the publication.

Well, that explains where a net worth of $100,000 came from, doesn't it? 

He and Nilsa Prowant were 'friends with benefits'

Gus is currently single. But in the fall of 2019, he was seeing college student Athena Megaloudis. Their relationship didn't last long. This was right after his "relationship" with fellow cast member Nilsa Prowant which went all kinds of wrong.

They made out a few times but that was it for him. He didn't want anything else out of their fling but Nilsa pressured him to "make it work", which obviously didn't sit well with him. "I tend to catch feelings, and Gus also tends to catch feelings. So I don't really know how this is going to work out if we're only supposed to be friends with benefits," she told MTV back in 2018.


Catch more of Gus when 'Floribama Shore' returns on MTV on February 25 at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.

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