'Fighting For Her Family': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime movie

'Fighting For Her Family': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime movie
Aisha Kumari and Siri Hiremath in 'Fighting For Her Family' also known as 'All For Her' (Lifetime)

The bond between a mother and child is truly a special one. However, the journey to motherhood is not always easy. Pregnancies come with complications, and it's genuinely a sensitive time in a woman's life, one where you need the support of family and loved ones. 'Fighting For Her Family' tells the story of a woman who manages to get pregnant after years of trying. But after being diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder, the question remains, will she and her baby be able to survive this ordeal.


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When does 'Fighting For Her Family' release and where can you watch it

'Fighting For Her Family' premieres on Sunday, October 16 at 10/9c. You can watch 'Fighting For Her Family' on Lifetime.

What is 'Fighting For Her Family' all about

As per the official synopsis -- "Inspired by a true story. Devina has always wanted to be a mother and after years of trying and many miscarriages, she and her husband, Rick, have all but given up–until Devina discovers she's pregnant again with a healthy baby girl. Adding to her stress is Devina's mother, Ani, who is against her being with Rick, let alone having his child. When Devina collapses midway through her pregnancy, she is taken to the hospital and discovers she has a life-threatening blood disorder. Now, with every day possibly being her last, Devina is determined to see the pregnancy to term and deliver her miracle baby. Will Devina's baby girl survive and have a mommy waiting for her when she arrives?"


Who's starring in the Lifetime Movie?


Aisha Kumari

Aisha Kumari is an actress and writer. Her works include 'All for Her', 'Harry Potter and the School of Hell', 'Cory and the Wongnotes', 'Waffle the Wonder Dog', 'Yellow Jacket', 'Perspective', 'Tea & Coffee', 'Little Boy Blue', 'Nice 2 Meet U' and 'Love'.



Adam Huss

Adam Huss is a writer, actor, and producer. His works include 'General Hospital', 'All for Her', 'Along Came Wanda', 'The Kid in the Mirror', 'Insight', 'Beaus of Holly', 'It Listens from the Radio', 'The Tribe Murders', 'Another Mother', 'Mile High Escorts' and 'Find What You Love and Let It Kill You'.



Siri Hiremath

Siri Hiremath is an actress and her works include 'All for Her', 'Never Have I Ever', 'No Place Like Dome', 'This Place is Haunted' and 'Election Day'. 


The rest of the cast includes Alice Amter, whose works include 'All for Her', 'Mythic Quest', 'Never Have I Ever', 'Sorry for Your Loss', 'Smothered by Mothers', 'Scandal', 'NCIS: Los Angeles', 'Rosewood' and 'The Big Bang Theory'.


Prarthana Mohan
Prarthana Mohan is a director, whose works include 'All for Her', 'The Miseducation of Bindu', 'Turn Around' and 'Whore'.



Jay Black
Jay Black is a writer and actor. His works as a writer include 'Psycho Storm Chaser', 'Love Always, Santa', 'Bus Driver', 'Dad-Bod', 'Meet My Valentine', 'Paulie', 'How Sweet It Is', 'Stone Markers' and 'Real American Meals'.

Brian Herzlinger
Herzlinger is a writer and a director. As a writer, his works include 'A Christmas Dance Reunion', 'Lena and Snowball', 'A Welcome Home Christmas', 'Psycho Yoga Instructor', 'My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys', 'Twinkle All the Way', 'A Christmas Movie Christmas', 'Smothered by Mothers', 'A Christmas Switch' and 'Runaway Romance'.


Hannah C. Langley
Hannah C. Langley is a writer, whose works include 'All for Her' and 'Evil Intent'. 

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