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NO-FLY ZONE: Hilarious video shows news anchor accidentally swallowing fly live on TV without interrupting show

'News is so heavy so it's really nice to just give people a laugh — even if it's at my expense,' said journalist Farah Nasser
Farah Nasser shared a funny clip on her Twitter swallowing the fly (Twitter@FarahNaseer)
Farah Nasser shared a funny clip on her Twitter swallowing the fly (Twitter@FarahNaseer)

ONTARIO, CANADA: The show must go on and a Canadian news anchor proved that recently. On a recent broadcast for Global News, Global National anchor Farah Nasser found herself in an unexpected situation. In a clip shared to Twitter, which has since been viewed almost 100,000 times, the anchor got caught in an awkward moment, saying she "swallowed a fly."

In the footage, she begins to introduce a story about Pakistan's flooding. “Pakistan has never seen an unbroken cycle of monsoons quite like this. Eight weeks of non-stop torrential rain. A national emergency has been invok…,” Nasser chokes, “has been invoked by…theweather… the extreme weather is alarming…” she continues despite a breaking voice. But her facial expression changes as she gulps and grimaces, struggling to swallow down a fly. "Sharing because we all need a laugh these days. Turns out it's not just @fordnation, I swallowed a fly on air today," she wrote Tuesday, August 30, referencing a similar coincidence with Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who swallowed a bee live on television last month.


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Nasser was sure to note that the incident was "Very much a first world problem given the story I'm introducing". In an interview with CNN about the moment, the television anchor said she could feel the bug "fluttering in the back" of her throat, adding that the insect "wasn't going down — it was just stuck!" During an appearance on ET Canada, Nasser gave the hosts a rundown of how everything happened.


She said she saw that fly flying around before the broadcast, but thought to herself, "Not today, fly." Her biggest concern, she said, was that the bug was going to fly into the camera lens. "The next thing I knew, it was in my throat," she said, revealing that she tossed to the reporter earlier than planned as she couldn't make it through. Nasser said she's glad the clip could make people laugh. "News is so heavy so it's really nice to just give people a laugh — even if it's at my expense," she said.


In July, a weathercast of ABC meteorologist Travis Herzog, who was warning about rolling blackouts in Texas, was interrupted at the Houston-based studio as lights went out, twice.