US vlogger, 21, gang-raped in Pakistan hotel by 'guide and his accomplice', accused arrested

US vlogger, 21, gang-raped in Pakistan hotel by 'guide and his accomplice', accused arrested
The cops have reportedly arrested two accused (R) for allegedly raping the 21-year-old vlogger (@OneIndiaNews/YouTube)

PUNJAB PROVINCE, PAKISTAN: A case of gang rape with an American woman has come to light in Pakistan. Pakistan police have arrested two men after an American vlogger was reportedly gang-raped in a hotel on July 17 by her guide and an accomplice who took videos of her to use as blackmail. According to the officials, the 21-year-old woman said the incident happened when she was visiting a tourist resort in the eastern Punjab province. Meaww won't be disclosing the name of the rape victim as a sign of respect to the survivor. 

The woman arrived in Pakistan three weeks ago, according to police. The detainees took her to a hotel in Dera Ghazi Khan, a district in the Punjab province where she states that she was sexually assaulted this week, according to an initial police investigation. Police say they are still investigating to determine how the woman was lured and taken to a hotel by the two men accused of raping her. 


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The victim had earlier stayed at the home of one of the alleged attackers for five days, with local reports suggesting he was her "guide". Local news outlets reported that the woman was a vlogger visiting the country, and that police are carrying out raids to find other suspects. The US Embassy in Islamabad told The Associated Press that its consulate in Pakistan’s city of Lahore was ready to provide consular services to the victim. "The protection of US citizens overseas is the highest priority of the US Department of State and our embassies and consulates abroad," it said.

The Free Press Journal reported that it had seen the First Information Report (FIR), a written document by police when a case is first reported. The FIR states that the woman told police she was gang-raped by two men who filmed the assault and used it to blackmail her. "We stayed in a hotel at Fort Monroe, where both suspects gang-raped me and also made a video of the act to blackmail me," the victim alleged in the FIR. 


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Hamza Shahbaz, Chief Minister of Punjab Province of Pakistan, has taken cognizance of the incident. Recently, there have been several reports of rape in Pakistan. A similar incident took place in Pakistan two years ago in June when US blogger Cynthia Ritchie, who accused then-senior PPP leader and former interior minister Rehman Malik of raping her. The blogger had alleged that ex-prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani had "physically manhandled" her, according to However, Both Malik and Gillani had denied her allegations and said that it was a plot to malign the PPP. 

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