Was Mingyu a bully in school? Seventeen's star faces allegations, fans say 'he's bullied for skin color'

Was Mingyu a bully in school? Seventeen's star faces allegations, fans say 'he's bullied for skin color'
Kim Mingyu is part of Seventeen (Min9yu_k/ Instagram)

Was Seventeen’s Mingyu a part of a bullying group in middle school? After an anonymous account accused Mingyu of being involved in bullying when he was in middle school, fans of K-pop star rally behind the 23-year-old rapper to clear out his searches while also pointing out that Mingyu himself has been a victim of bullying for his skin color. 

For the unversed, recently there has been a number of discussions on bullying after (G)I-DLE member Soojin was accused of being a one in school. However, Soojin later put out a statement saying that none of the allegations were true. Followed by Soojin, Seventeen’s Mingyu also faced similar allegations from an anonymous account, who stated that the K-pop crooner was part of a bullying team in Burim Middle School and the accuser was allegedly a victim of their bullying treatment. 


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Kim Mingyu is facing bullying allegations after an anonymous user shared her middle school experience (Min9yu_k/ Instagram)


The user went on to say that the group stole money from her, watched her, and laughed while she was being targeted. She also accused Mingyu of drinking underage and smoking illegally and getting caught by the teacher. The user claimed that Mingyu stole money from her as he ‘needed money to catch a ride to the practice room’, allKpop reported. 

Mingyu was bullied

Even though the Internet had varied opinions, K-pop fans of Mingyu stood strongly by the K-pop crooner calling the allegations nothing but a tool to malign the K-pop star’s name. The fans have also reminded the users of all the times Mingyu was harassed for having dark skin. A fan pointed out, “The fact that knetz pip are saying Mingyu is a bully in the past is the same ppl who bullying him bcz he has a dark skin lol. Hypocrites!” Another similar tweet read: “This man can do everything, yet some ppl accused him for being a bully, but remember when some ppl also say that mingyu's skin is so dark or ugly. That is also bullying,”

A tweet read: “imma need all the fax bout all this soojin, mingyu, park hyesoo, jo byung kyu & kim donghee and more bullying. Like WTF is going on, i mean i saw it trend 5h before but didn’t think much bout it, but like now more ppl talkin bout it, what’s happening??” Another express disbelief stating, “mingyu svt
- kim sohye
- park hyesoo
- kim dong hee
- soojin gidle
how tf 5 celebrities are getting rumored of bullying at the same time. do y'all have a group community to drag them!"







Seventeen’s Mingyu hasn’t issued a statement regarding the matter yet.

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