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Fans swoon over 'booked and busy' TXT's Yeonjun seen at Burberry event with blue hair

Yeonjun was spotted at the Burberry Event in South Korea alongside other K-pop idols, but fans only had eyes for his hair
TXT's Yeonjun trends on Twitter for his blue hair as he attends the Burberry event in South Korea with SF9's Rowoon, GOT7's Jay B among others (Korea Dispatch)
TXT's Yeonjun trends on Twitter for his blue hair as he attends the Burberry event in South Korea with SF9's Rowoon, GOT7's Jay B among others (Korea Dispatch)

Over the last few years, K-pop idols have been re-establishing themselves as fashion icons. From idols like GOT7's Jay B to Blackpink members Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo as well as all BTS members, all represent leading global brands. Now as the fourth gen of K-pop has taken over the industry, acts like SF9, Astro, ITZY, and more have started representing international fashion brands. Joining the mix of other generation four idols is Big Hit Music's boy group TXT's oldest member Choi Yeonjun. On June 29, Yeonjun went viral on Twitter for appearing at a fashion event for the international brand Burberry.

The luxury international brand held a special exhibition in South Korea as per usual but this time the event had a special meaning behind it. Over the years Burberry has hosted many popup events that have been graced by its brand ambassadors like Astro's Cha Eunwoo as well as actress Moon Ga-young among other popular names. This time around, TXT's Yeonjun has shocked fans by attending the event for the brand for the first time as he returns with blue hair for the first time in years.


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TXT's Yeonjun attends the Burberry Event in South Korea

Dispatch Korea covered the Burberry event in Busan, South Korea on June 29, and which had a number of K-Pop celebrities dressed in outfits from the brand. In particular, Yeonjun took over Twitter trends after the rapper ditched his past blond hair for a blue-colored hair making it his second time flaunting the hair color. Yeonjun of TXT was also joined by SF9's Rowoon and GOT7's Jay B as well as IVE's Yujin, (G)I-DLE's Minnie, Le Sserafim's Chae Won, and actresses Moon Ga-young and Kim Ji-won among many other celebrities. 


'Yeonjun Main Event'

Fans have been trending Yeonjun's appearance at the fashion event on Twitter as one fan said, "I love how yeonjun at burberry literally pops up at the most perfect timing, i call this yeonjun karma." One more fan said, "Just choi yeonjun with his blue hair." Another fan said, "Yeonjun’s new blue hair." One fan said, "GUYS YEONJUN IS AT THE BURBERRY EVENT AND HE HAS BLUE HAIR." One more fan praised, "From yeonjun endorsing the burberry lola bag on his ig to him being invited to the burberry event in korea HE’S INSANE." Another fan said, "Celine, dior, burberry NAME IT ALL CHOI YEONJUN CAN EAT IT UP." One fan said, "YEONJUN at the Burberry event WITH BLUE HAIR!?!! MAIN EVENT."

One more fan said, "The more i researched about the burberry event, the lower my jaw dropped it's not the usual pop-up store, it's a whole takeover, burberry literally covers the entire luxury hotels with their logo and to think yeonjun got invited to this kind of event?? he's so powerful." One fan said, "CHOI YEONJUN IS LITERALLY BOOKED AND BUSY!! NOW, WATCH HIM SLAY THIS BURBERRY OUTFIT." Another fan said, "WHAT THE F**K HOLD ON I CANT PROCESS THIS YEONJUN IS IN A BURBERRY EVENT AND HIS BLUE HAIR IS BACK STFU OHMYGOD CHOI YEONJUN YOU WILL ALWAYS BE FAMOUS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"