'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7: Fans call Bilal 'manipulative' for forcing his wife to apologize

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7: Fans call Bilal 'manipulative' for forcing his wife to apologize
Bilal and Shaeeda in '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 episode 3 (TLC)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: On last week's episode of '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?,' things between Shaeeda and Bilal's ex-wife, Shahidah, became ugly. Now, fans are astonished to see Bilal ask his wife to apologize in the most recent episode for sticking up for herself.

Following the two women's heated encounter during the '90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All, they got up with Bilal again to chat, which resulted in a public argument and Shahidah walking out in rage. Shaeeda was still upset by Shahidah interrogating her about getting a prenup before marrying Bilal. Shaeeda didn't appreciate the "aggressive" manner Bilal's ex-wife approached her and couldn't get over it. When the three gathered, Shaeeda informed her simply that she felt "disrespected" by the manner Shahidah approached her. Shahidah was visibly irritated, pointing out that she did not shout at her. Shahidah had had enough when Shaeeda insisted on coming with her "boxing gloves on." "I'm not about sit here and stand for that because that's not what I did," she said angrily.


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Shaeeda didn't back down and informed her that her confrontational attitude was precisely what she didn't enjoy at the time. "She wants to get away with her bad behavior as usual, and I'm not going to put it to rest," Shaeeda told the cameras. "Acknowledge that you hurt my feelings, apologize and move on. You're not gonna play me out to be a liar when I'm not lying." Shahidah declined to apologize, even after Shaeeda stated that she had offended her so badly that she considered excluding her from her house. "I'm not gonna apologize for something that I didn't do," she said.

Shahidah stood up from the table and vowed to escalate things when Shaeeda asked why she came at all and that she was "literally done." "Bilal, you better come get her because you know this will get left, real quick," she said. "Real quick. 'South East Diego' will be up on here. And don't say, 'so what?' because you don't know me. You're putting something on me that didn't happen. I'm not trying to be a bully to you, but you're not going to back me into a corner."

Shaeeda proceeded to label Shahidah a bully, and Shahidah went out, telling her to be careful who she talked to. "You better get her," Shahidah remarked as she removed her microphone. "Because I will reach across that table and bring you out, OK? Because you don't know who you're talking to."

Bilal fell silent, but he was definitely unhappy. Shaeeda admitted to the cameras that she didn't feel well, but she was proud of herself for standing up to Shahidah. "I am like, so, so, so, angry right now," Bilal said. "Things happen, but for things to happen in public make it more embarrassing. If I start talking right now, I may say something I might regret."

Shaeeda was seen bringing her husband breakfast in bed on the September 11 episode. He expresses his disappointment in her, and she sobs because she doesn't understand why the blame is constantly put on her. Bilal attempts to convince Shaeeda that she cannot allow others to control her actions. Shaeeda, on the other hand, believes that while she desires peace, she still has limitations. She attempts to persuade him that she has been dealing with a bully (referring to his ex). Shaeeda wants Bilal to defend her, but Bilal only wants her to act like a "dignified Muslim woman." He inquires whether she is still blaming Shahidah or accepting responsibility for her own actions. Shaeeda eventually accepts full responsibility for her behavior and says that she no longer wants to be Shahidah's enemy. She also states that she would apologize to Shahidah if necessary since she does not want to have a terrible relationship with the mother of Bilal's children. In exchange, she expects to see Bilal support her.


Bilal is not a fan favorite, since he has always been perceived as a manipulative and domineering individual. Finding his behavior 'intolerable,' a fan wrote: "I legit can not take Bilal he is INTOLERABLE!!! It's absolutely disgusting watching him reprimand his WIFE!!! The lectures, the gaslighting, the belittling, the silent treatments #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter." Questioning why Bilal would take side of a woman who apparently broke his heart, a fan wrote: "Bilal's ex-wife supposedly broke his heart so bad that he didn't date for years, yet he's taking her side over his current wife? Make it make sense. #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter #90DayFiance." One fan felt Bilal gives vibe of a 'narcissist': "really not trying to diagnose anyone, but bilal has narcissist vibes. there’s no way in hell he’s not one. #90DayFiance." Calling Bilal 'an abusive man,' a fan tweete: "Bilal isn’t religious - he’s manipulative, controlling, and mean. This is an abusive man. Pure toxicity #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHEA."





Fans feel the advice Bilal gave his wife was more applicable to his ex: "Bilal should be lecturing his ex-wife about being a dignified Muslim woman #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter #90dayfiance." Some fans also wonder why Bilal and his ex never worked out as they find both to be 'bullies': "Why can’t this moron Bilal EVER stand up for Shaeeda? She did NOT do anything wrong. Him AND his ex wife are nothing but bullies. Real shame they didn’t work out. #clowns #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter." Some fans also feel Bilal is too scared to take up this conversation to his ex, hence dumping it on to his wife: "Bilal….right conversation…. wrong woman. Bilal knows he can’t address his ex like this, because she gonna take it back to the Muslim hood on his ass. He knows he can pull this type of crap with Shaeeda. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHEA." Asking Bilal to 'MAN UP,' one fan wrote: "BILAL. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Seriously? When are you going to MAN UP and STAND UP for your wife instead of always lecturing her?? Shahidah was wrong. WRONG. So were you. You aren't a husband. You are a bully & a narcissist. SIT DOWN. #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter #90DayFiance."





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