Kris Wu fans slam 'false' rape allegations, Internet says 'he's going to jail for a reason'

Kris Wu fans slam 'false' rape allegations, Internet says 'he's going to jail for a reason'
Fans wonder why Kris Wu's fans are still defending him when the former idol is reportedly in jail for sexual assault (@kriswu/Instagram)

Back in 2021, the K-pop world was going through a suspicious wave of allegations where multiple K-pop idols were embroiled in rumors about being involved in school bullying and other offenses. One K-pop idol who was involved in a much graver controversy was the Chinese-born idol and former member of EXO, Kris Wu (Wu Yi-fan). A year ago, back in July of 2021, Kris Wu was embroiled in rumors that stated he allegedly sexually assaulted his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend, Du Meizhu.

Following the allegation, there were more claims, all from new alleged victims that asserted the claim that Kris Wu was a sexual offender. As soon as the news broke, K-pop fans were divided with some fans claiming that they would never defend a sexual offender. On the other hand, his dedicated fans claimed that the actor was being framed and that all allegations were false. Earlier this year, multiple audio recordings had been released on the social media platform Weibo that claimed that the initial alleged victim, Du Meizhu, had lied about the allegations to frame Kris Wu. 


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Kris Wu trends on Twitter as fans share mixed reactions

According to fans on Twitter that translated the audio recordings, it was claimed that Du Meizhu lied about being raped by Kris Wu because she intended to extort money from the former idol. Du Meizhu responded to the allegations stating she was being manipulated and that the recordings were false and it seems like Kris Wu's fans have been holding on to the claim that the former Chinese idol was innocent. As the scandal with Kris Wu blew up, it was rumored that the former idol was in jail as the Chinese government was investigating the case against him.

Although there is no firm confirmation about the allegations against Kris Wu or the recordings from Du Meizhu's confessing to framing the idol, his fans on Twitter have made up their minds that Kris Wu is innocent. One fan said, "Just because you see this on Twitter all the time doesn't mean it's true try to think before you speak use ur own fc mind not the sh!t on sns." Another fan said, "It's 4k tweets here in my timeline. However there is still a lot of anti claiming that he is in jail, and mocking us for defending the real victim. They are the worst, how come they defend the #AmberHeard of #China Our guy is indeed innocent from all evidences exposed."




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'Reminds me of Seungris fans'

Other K-pop fans are now calling out Kris' supporters by pointing out their favorite is still in jail and that the allegations against him do account for something. One user said, "Seeing people defend kris wu from “false allegations and rumors” when he’s literally going to jail is so crazy." One more user said, "Like people are really acting like they’re his lawyers." Another user said, "Reminds me of Seungris fans." One user said, "Imagine supporting a criminal…"One more user said, "People supporting a rapist is really crazy."

Another user said, "There r still kris wu supporters BAE HE IS GOING TO JAIL FOR A REASON??" One more user said, "KRIS WU IS GOING TO JAIL FOR A REASON LIKE SHIT, GET UR ACT TOGETHERRRR. And don’t get me started on Woojin, like cmon now. Y’all make me sick." One user said, "It’s so crazy how people like lucas garam or kris wu got. half of their fanbase from being problematic like do people think it’s quirky or how come once an idol gets cancelled tiktok is like full of solo stans." 









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