'Glad we were wrong': Fans call out Netflix as 'Love is Blind' star Kwame defends his relationship with Chelsea

'Glad we were wrong': Fans call out Netflix as 'Love is Blind' star Kwame defends his relationship with Chelsea
'Love is Blind' star Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin finally got married (Instagram/@ayokwam)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: 'Love is Blind' Season 4 couple Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin were certainly not a fan favorite. The couple received several backlashes from the viewers because of their "struggling to compromise" behavior. Fans were convinced that their relationship was doomed. However, Kwame recently took to social media to shut down all the trolls. 

Uploading several pictures and videos with Chelsea, Kwame tried to prove that their relationship was not only all troubles as portrayed on screen. Instead, it was more than just that. In one of the videos, the couple was seen vibing on 'No Hands.' Kwame and Chelsea once again became the talk of the town, but this time for good. 


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Kwame Appiah shuts down rumors about having 'no chemistry'

Kwame took to Instagram on Friday, April 14, to address all the rumors circling about his relationship with Chelsea. He uploaded a bunch of photos and videos where the couple was seen cheering the romance. He posted photos where both are seen looking into each other's eyes with love as they wrapped themselves around their arms. 'Love is Blind' star claimed the pictures uploaded were taken when the camera was in front of them. He claimed, "All of this content was taken during our engagement when the big cameras weren’t on us."

Kwame added, "We got to enjoy life, and communicate, in the ways that feel most natural to us." He then clapped back at all the trolls, "Just a quick response to anyone saying “they have no chemistry”, or “they don’t even love each other”.. based on what you saw, I don’t blame you for thinking that. But actually, we had the MOST fun togeth-er falling in love!" 



'Netflix really had us fooled'

What is shown on television is not always what has been happening in the real life. Brett Brown, 'Love is Blind' fellow cast mate, commented on Kwame's post, "Beautiful post Kwame! What is shown on tv is such a boiled down version of all of our relationships for the good and bad. Glad you’re showing your relationship on your terms." Listening to this, a fan commented, "Bless you both. I you are most misunderstood guy in this show." Furthermore, a fan slammed Netflix, saying, "Netflix really had us fooled Congratulations you two!" "When I tell you im sooooo glad I was wrong! Chelsea…the way she looked at you talked about you, was always sure! We all just wanted that to be reciprocated. I’m so glad y’all worked out Man, so glad we were wrong. Netflix," another slammed the streaming platform.



After seeing Kwame's heartwarming post, fans are convinced that the couple is perfect for each other.

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 Fans call out Netflix as 'Love is Blind' star Kwame defends his relationship with Chelsea