FAKE SIS? 'Love Is Blind's Kwame Appiah accused of hiring 'random Ghanaian woman' to play sister

FAKE SIS? 'Love Is Blind's Kwame Appiah accused of hiring 'random Ghanaian woman' to play sister
'Love Is Blind' fans believe that Barbara, Kwame Appiah's sister, may not actually be a related (Netflix)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Kwame Appiah from 'Love Is Blind' is the topic of the current online investigation. The unstable competitor has already been accused of faking his way through the Netflix reality show, but now others believe his family on the show isn't real.

Kwame has been accused of hiring a fake sister for Season 4 before marrying Chelsea Griffin. Kwame, a 33-year-old Ghanaian sales development manager, was born in Ghana. In the pods, he fell for Chelsea, a 31-year-old pediatric speech-language pathologist. Kwame initially desired to date Micah Lussier but was heartbroken when she chose Paul Peden. Kwame and Chelsea showed potential as a pair after becoming engaged, but his being from Portland (rather than Seattle) and having a mother who doesn't approve of him is a significant roadblock for them to overcome. When former soccer player Kwame found himself in the real world with Chelsea, they encountered a stumbling block when his mother joined the scene. Kwame said that he was quite close to his mother. Kwame's mother, on the other hand, did not approve of the experiment in which her son was engaging. She didn't believe he was making the best decision. Chelsea was concerned about Kwame and his mother's circumstances. She worried that he might suddenly decide not to marry her.



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Did Kwame hire an actor to play his sister in 'Love Is Blind'?

Ada Enechi, a culture writer, stated on April 10th, "TikTok is saying Kwame hired a random Ghanaian woman to play his sister and tbh that wouldn’t surprise me." The tweet's comment section quickly filled up with individuals agreeing, highlighting how the family's interactions were "so formal" and other weird instances.


Previously, Kwame was accused of fabricating a phone call with his mother during the program, and fans were perplexed when he brought someone from the pods, rather than a real-life buddy, to his suit fitting. Furthermore, although residing in Portland, he is participating in a season for contestants in Seattle, and he has frequently informed his now wife, Chelsea, that he does not want to relocate to the region. One TikTok user felt Kwame was lying about his family and was secretly married. A viewer concurred, saying, "I don't think those are his siblings or that [he] even talked to his mom on the phone."

@thisisessie for real. he has to be lying. has she even spoken to the mom on the phone??#netflix #loveisblindseason4 #kwame #kwameandchelsea #loveisblind ♬ original sound - thisisessie



Kwame's sister became a fan favorite on debut

While Kwame's unconventional engagement damaged his connection with his mother, his siblings Barbara and Jerry were overjoyed with their brother's bold move. The wedding was already off to a rocky start due to Kwame and Chelsea's regular squabbles, but when Barbara came with a beaming grin and a magnificent bright-orange gown, all the discomfort vanished. She cheered Kwame up by joking with him about their upbringing and assuring him that even if their mother didn't attend the wedding, she was still praying for him. And, as any great-big sister would, she roasted him when Kwame acknowledged he no longer prays.

Barbara also enjoyed a special moment with her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Chelsea, by giving her a kente cloth purse. "This is really the women in our culture, they put this together," Barbara told an emotional Chelsea. "And it’s the kente cloth, so you have a piece of Ghana with you." Barbara welcomed Chelsea into her family with open arms, as if that wasn't enough. When the big day arrived, Barbara stepped in for her and Kwame's mother to accompany her little brother down the aisle. "I can’t be Mom, but mom loves you," she informed Kwame. And, as she could feel his anxieties fraying, Barbara knew exactly what to say to soothe her brother. “You’re going to do great. You’re going to be a good husband,” she said. “Make us proud, OK?”


Fans finally got to see Kwame say "I Do" to Chelsea on the season finale of 'Love Is Blind' which is airing in its entirety now on Netflix. 'Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion' will stream live on Netflix on Sunday, April 16, at 8 PM ET.

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 Did Kwame Appiah hire 'random Ghanaian woman' to play sister in 'Love is Blind'?