'Family Karma' Season 3: Is Rish Karam 'unsure' about Monica Vaswani? Fans question their 3-year-long relationship

'Family Karma' Season 3: Is Rish Karam 'unsure' about Monica Vaswani? Fans question their 3-year-long relationship
'Family Karma' star Rish says he is not ready for marriage, but will ask Monica to move in (Bravo)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: 'Family Karma' Season 3's 'The Blackout' episode gave us an in-depth look at where the contestants' life are after Vishal and Richa's wedding. Well, it seems Rish Karam and Monica Vaswani will be the next couple to take their relationship a step ahead. Rish is planning to ask Monica to move in with her. But, fans wonder if Rish is making the move to buy himself more time before marriage.

In the recently released episode, we see Rish clearly stating that he is not ready for marriage. The 27-year-old states in the confessional video, "The pressure that we receive, you know, from the community is frustrating." Rish claims that all everyone has to ask about is "when you getting married." However, Rish knows that he has not yet reached that stage of his life where he thinks marriage is the right answer. 'Family Karma' fans questioned Rish's intention towards Monica after seeing him get anxious whenever someone asks about the marriage. To many, it sounded convenient saying that he is not sure about his three-year-long relationship.


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'Family Karma' Season 3 star Rish talking about marriage (Bravo)
'Family Karma' Season 3 star Rish talking about marriage (Bravo)

A fan slammed Rish for not being ready for marriage but still making a decision to move in with Monica. "Rish if you're not ready for marriage like Monica -- MOVE ON Come back in years and Monica may or may not be available," tweeted the fan. Another wrote, "Rish isn’t sure about Monica, how are you 3 years in a relationship and you’re not ready to give her a ring. But you want her to move in, sounds very convenient." Furthermore, a fan questioned Rish wondering why he is not making clear to Monica that they are not on the same page. "Arghh I hate to say it but I don’t trust Rish with this moving in before marriage business because why did he wait to ask Monica AFTER she started talking about marriage…?" wrote a fan. Another fan concluded, "I honestly don’t like they are pressuring Rish to propose. He needs to come to that decision on his own and if Monica doesn’t like his timeline find a new man."





Moreover, a fan clearly stated, "This Rish & Mon relationship isn't gonna last too long," after seeing Rish being unsure about his stand in the relationship. Furthermore, seeing Brian and Monica bond so well, a fan doubted, "Brian and Rish talking about Monica makes me cringe because I can’t help but think Brian is still into her." Another fan claimed, "Rish def doesn’t seem to want to get married since he was complaining about it AT the wedding." "Rish is an idiot," slammed a fan.





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