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'Family Karma' Season 3: Fans ask Dharma to 'mind her business' as she meddles in son Brian Benni's love life

Brian's parents, especially his mother Dharma, do not approve of his affinity for Avni
Dharma and her son Brian Benni in 'Family Karma' Season 3 (Bravo)
Dharma and her son Brian Benni in 'Family Karma' Season 3 (Bravo)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Season 3 of 'Family Karma' featured the grand Indian wedding of Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana. The couple opted for a destination wedding, gathering a small, cozy and energetic group of friends and family in Mexico. While Brian Benni is making the most of the wedding, he is also looking for the love of his life. He was seen showing interest in one of Monica Vaswani's friends, Avni Parekh.

It seems Brian's parents, especially his mother Dharma, do not approve of his attraction to Avni. Dharma also does not approve of having a physical relationship before an emotional one. When Brian told her how he tried to kiss Avni, she claimed that relationships were different in her time. Dharma seemed shocked that her son wanted to force a relationship with an older woman. Some 'Family Karma' fans accused Dharma of interfering too much in her son's life and treating him like a "baby."


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Brian describes his mother's personality as "a lioness mixed with a raven." He further claims that his mother is always full of energy and is seen yelling all the time. Fans called Dharma a "baddie." A fan tweeted, "Brian’s mom is a baddie though I wonder if that’s why he’s into older women." A few others in line slammed the mother for being too much involved in her son's life. A fan wrote, "The mom is acting like her son's in her early 20s like ma'am he's 31." Another slammed Dharma, "Brian's mother... I love her, but she needs to mind her business when it comes to Brian's romantic & sexual life." "You better listen to your mama @brianbenni Avni definitely is NOT a match for you or your type #FamilyKarma Mama Dharma knows," wrote another fan.





"Dharma loves this description," a fan joked after Brian described his mother. Another fan wrote, "The aunties and Brian’s mom seeing brian act a fool and try to force a relationship with Avni." Another tweeted, "Brian missed his chance with the two Monica’s, who are amazing girls! There’s nothing like a mother's love who can’t see her son’s faults." Moreover, a fan wrote, "Dharma saying "I'm sweating balls" and Brian's and Mr Dharma's reaction almost killed me by making me choke laughing. Dharma needs a spin-off of Family Karma."





'Family Karma' Season 3 airs every Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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