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Is Anisha Ramakrishna married? 'Family Karma' star shares surprising relationship update on her mystery man

'Family Karma' star Anisha Ramakrishna has been very insistent about keeping the details of her love-life private
'Family Karma' star Anisha Ramakrishna (Bravo/Anisha Ramakrishna's Instagram)
'Family Karma' star Anisha Ramakrishna (Bravo/Anisha Ramakrishna's Instagram)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: It looks like it's the season of weddings for the 'Family Karma' cast! After Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana kicked off the celebration on season 3 of the Bravo reality show with their "big fat Indian wedding," and Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos tied the knot after the show's filming, the forever single fashion designer aka Anisha Ramakrishna too seems to have followed suit.

During an appearance alongside Brian Benni on New York Live on November 3, ahead of the Bravo show's season 3 premiere, the reality star confirmed that she had been “married [for] three weeks." So who is Anisha's lucky man? If you too are curious about who our favorite desi designer tied the knot to, then keep reading.


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Who is 'Family Karma' star Anisha Ramakrishna's husband?

From the get-go, Anisha kept the identity of her man under wraps. After shocking her fans with a surprise engagement announcement on Instagram back in September, Anisha has been very insistent about keeping the details of her love-life private, and that won't be changing any time soon even after their nuptials. During her interview, Anisha joked that their marriage worked because he's "never around." "I like to say our marriage works because he’s never around. He’s very busy, and he’s always working. Even if he were to be on the show, he wouldn’t actually be there," she shared. 

In another interview with Bravo's 'The Daily Dish' ahead of her wedding, the 'Family Karma' star revealed her wedding plans and described the event as a "small, intimate ceremony” at her parents’ home in Miami. She also added that they might throw a reception party in the spring of 2023. "I am thrilled with my fiancé, and we have the blessings from our parents, and that’s what is most important to me,” she said. Despite keeping things low-key, Anisha and her partner are looking forward to their new life together. "I am looking forward to building a beautiful life with my partner, creating lovely new memories with both our families and dedicating time to my businesses again,” she added.


How did Anisha Ramakrishna meet her husband?

Fans of 'Family Karma' may be familiar with Anisha's unsuccessful attempts at finding love and the parental pressure placed upon her to settle down. But following her split from her ex Vishnu, Anisha moved back into her parents' home and decided to focus on building her business, while occasionally dipping her toes into the dating pool via dating apps. In Anisha's words, after swiping right on "thousands of guys" and finally going on a date with two men, she finally found her "unicorn" amongst one of her two dates. When her co-stars tried getting the lucky guy's name out of Anisha's mouth, the designer refused to spill the tea by claiming that he had a very high-profile job and wanted to keep their relationship on the down-low for his career's sake. Though Anisha hinted at revealing the identity of her man post-marriage, it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to finally learn the identity of Anisha's unicorn. 

'Family Karma' Season 3 premieres on Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 9/8c on Bravo, and will be available for streaming the next day on Peacock and Bravo app.