'Families of the Mafia': Release date, how to watch, cast, trailer of MTV reality show

'Families of the Mafia': Release date, how to watch, cast, trailer of MTV reality show
Boris Nayfeld, Angela and Eli Kiperman as seen on 'Families of the Mafia' (MTV)

Oftentimes, being born into a life of crime means that there is no way to escape it. People born into mafia families are often integrated into the 'family business, which is a rather dangerous one.

But, for the cast of 'Families of The Mafia' Season 2, the show focuses on their attempts to leave that life behind, although it is easier said than done. If you're looking for similar titles, you might want to check out 'Cold Justice: A Touch Of Evidence', 'Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía?', 'Elize Matsunaga' and 'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork'.


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Release date

Season 2 of 'Families of The Mafia' premieres on July 15.


Where to watch 

You can live stream the series on MTV.


As per the synopsis, "Filmed through the lens of a true-crime docuseries, Families of the Mafia will dive into the lives of five notorious mafia-tied families as they continue to navigate away from the underlying life of organized crime that still haunts them to this day.

The Gravanos, the O'Tooles and the Laroccas are back — and two new families will enter the fold. From Joe wishing his father Billy was alive 'to see all of the good' to CP reconnecting with his father, it's time to face the real world, and there's nowhere to hide."



The Gravanos
Returning back to the show after season one is the Gravanos family, which consists of Karen Gravano, Karina Seabrook, Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano and Ramona Rizzo. After Sammy went to prison, his daughter Karen and her daughter Karina moved to Arizona to start a new life, one that did not bear the weight of being associated with the mafia.



However, she is now back in New York, advocating for prison reform, seeing that her boyfriend is serving a life sentence and she is working tirelessly to help change that. But she's not the only one making a big change — Karina is focusing on establishing a career in the world of finance, while Sammy works towards launching his own podcast.


The O'Tooles
The O'Toole family consists of Joe O'Toole, Taylor O'Toole, Jessica Clare and will be joined by Matt O'Toole. Patriarch Billy O'Toole's unexpected death in 2019 left his children Joe and Taylor shocked, seeing that after years of living a criminal life, he had finally begun to reconcile with his family and make amends.



His sudden death left his grieving family distraught, seeing that it was ruled a suicide. But his ex-wife Jess and children strongly believe that there is more to the entire situation that meets the eye and are now determined to find out the truth.


The LaRoccas
The LaRocca family is made up of memebers Gina LaRocca, Christian 'CP' Patterson, Trish Gelardi and Anthony Gelardi. For Christian 'CP' Patterson, known as CP, life has not been easy. His mother initially served nine months in Rikers when he was just an infant and his father, Christian, was away serving five years for narcotics charges.



Raised by his mother, his Aunt Trish and Uncle Anthony, CP is now trying to work on his relationship with his father, while steering clear from the law.


The Nayfelds
The Nayfelds consist of Eli Kiperman and his father, Boris Nayfeld. Eli now prepares for a bittersweet reunion with his father, Boris, who has been serving out his probation in Moscow. 


The Cutolos
The Cutolo family consists of Billy Cutolo Jr, Billy 'Bills' Cutolo III and Layla Cutolo. For Billy Cutolo Jr, the son of once-powerful underboss William 'Wild Bill' Cutolo, adjusting to life with his family after time in the witness protection programme has not been easy. He's returning to New York, post the murder of his father to tie up loose ends with his father's old associates.



The Gravanos, the O'Tooles, the LaRoccas are back for season two, along with two new mafia families, the Nayfelds, the Cutolos, as they navigate their far from ordinary lives. The trailer teases what each family is currently going through and how they intend to make it work for themselves, in the search for stability.

As per the caption shared with the trailer — "These five families have escaped the mafia, but now it's time to face the real world... season 2 of 'Families of the Mafia.'"



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