'Cold Justice: A Touch Of Evidence': How team solved 1998 murder of 91-year-old Leola Jordan

Here's how the 'Cold Justice' team helped arrest Sergio Williams, 47, in a 23-year-old case and bring justice to his grandmother whom he killed

                            'Cold Justice: A Touch Of Evidence': How team solved 1998 murder of 91-year-old Leola Jordan
Sergio Williams was brought to justice for the murder of his grandmother Leola Jordan (Pearl River County Sheriff's Office)

The shocking murder of Leola Jordan is one of the most high-profile cases that the team of 'Cold Justice'will be dealing with in Season 4 of 'Cold Justice'. The 'Cold Justice' team led by veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and seasoned detective Tonya Rider investigated the murder of 91-year-old Jordan who was found stabbed in her bed nearly forty times in a gruesome murder way back in 1998.

The episode 'Touch Of Evidence' which will soon air as part of Season 4 of the Oxygen true-crime series, shows how the 'Cold Justice' team helps to make a sensational arrest in the 23-year-old case and bring justice to Jordan. She was a much-loved mother-of-seven and an upstanding member of her community in Picayune, Mississippi.  Shockingly it was Jordan's own grandson Sergio Williams, who has been arrested for murdering his grandmother. If 'Cold Justice' sounds interesting to you, then you could also read how Missouri realtor Leigh Ann Bauman got involved in an alleged murder-for-hire conspiracy. Then there are other Oxygen shows such as 'Framed by the Killer', 'The Jane Doe Murders'and 'An Unexpected Killer' should appeal to you. 


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Season 4 of 'Cold Justice' returns on, July 10 on Oxygen (Oxygen.com)


Sergio A Williams,47, was arrested on Mother's Day 2021 in connection with Jordan's murder, Picayune Police Capt. Rhonda Johnson confirmed to Oxygen. Police Captain Rhonda Johnson said that the 'Cold Justice' team helped to bring fresh eyes to the case and that combined with new DNA technology helped to identify her killer and uncover a tragic family secret. 

"The main thing was the DNA," Johnson said. "We’re a small department with limited resources and we can’t afford to send that stuff off and just test 11 or 12 samples of one nightgown [searching for the suspect's DNA.] They ['Cold Justice'] did that. We got positive DNA on the nightgown."

Police said the DNA analysis, combined with previous witness statements, provided enough evidence to make an arrest. Siegler from the 'Cold Justice' team said: “The horror of seeing how Leola was stabbed to death so viciously in her own bedroom in her nightgown at the age of 91 is what made everyone not want to give up. Helping bring justice to a victim like Leola and her family while working alongside a department as dedicated as the Picayune PD is why we do what we do." 

Williams is currently being held at Pearl River County Jail. It’s not clear if Williams has a lawyer. He hasn’t yet entered a plea and his preliminary hearing is pending.

You can catch the episode 'A Touch Of Evidence' on Saturday, July 24 at 8/7c on Oxygen. Catch the trailer of the upcoming series below.


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