Will Marvel release the 'Bucky Sarah cut'? Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan all for it after 'Zemo cut's success

A new campaign to release all the footage between Bucky Barnes and Sarah Wilson has gained steam after an endorsement from none other than the Winter Soldier himself

                            Will Marvel release the 'Bucky Sarah cut'? Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan all for it after 'Zemo cut's success
Sebastian Stan's story (Instagram) and a still from 'The Winter Soldier' (Disney)

After the success of the 'Zemo cut', Marvel fans are now calling on the studio to release all the footage of Bucky Barnes and Sarah Wilson. The recently concluded 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' show had several brief scenes between the two characters, who appeared to be flirting. Now fans are hoping to see more of their hilarious interactions.

The campaign gained a lot of momentum after Sebastian Stan, who portrays Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier shared an Instagram story with the hashtag #ReleaseTheBuckySarahCut. Since then, Marvel fans have taken to Twitter to push for the footage. Stan also shared the link to an interview by Director Kari Skogland, who confirmed more footage of the duo existed than shown in the show. 


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A still from Episode 6 of 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' showing Bucky with Sam's family. (Disney)

That kicked off a social media petition, which really gained steam over the last few hours after Stan's post. Even Adepero Oduye, who plays Sarah Wilson jumped in on the act with a tweet of her own. She said, "Oh word Sebastian?! leggo!"


Skogland confirms footage exists

In the show, we got a handful of scenes between Barnes and Wilson, eventually leading to a moment when Sam Wilson tells Bucky, "No more flirting with my sister". In Episode 5, we got to see a brief exchange between the two as Bucky visited Sam's home in Louisiana. The brief moment led many to wonder if a romantic plot was in the offering, but that never came to pass. Now we know that's not necessarily true.

"There was a little more flirting, I will give it that," Skogland confirmed to TV Guide. "I loved the dynamic between Adepero and Sebastian, or Bucky and Sarah. I love that dynamic and it was really fun because, of course, you can imagine Sam was just not up for that... We did have a bit more from that scene we decided not to put in, but it was very enjoyable." It's unclear how much footage was shot, but even if it was a few minutes more, it seems like fans want to see it.

Stan shared that article in his post, and it kicked off a major campaign late on April 30. Earlier, showrunner Malcolm Spellman also confirmed that the two clearly had something going on. He told Inverse, "I would argue that Bucky does seem like Sam’s family now. I can imagine Sam comes home to Louisiana on occasion and finds Bucky eating at the table and who knows, you know what I’m saying? I mean, him and Sarah had a little, you know, little flirtation going on." 

A still from 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' showing Bucky Barns (L) interacting with Sarah Wilson (R) (Disney)

'The people don't want it, they need it'

Within an hour, #ReleaseTheBuckySarahCut became a major trend on Twitter. One user screenshotted Stan's story and tweeted, "He is insane."

One person tweeted, "@MarvelStudios What are y’all waiting for?! We need more buckysarah content!!!" Another said, "When both actors want these released, @Marvel should #ReleaseTheBuckySarahCut." "If Marvel doesn’t release the Sarah and Bucky cut ima riot.." claimed one person. Another said, "the people don’t want it. they NEED it give it to us now."

Another user begged Marvel, "Pls give that man a love interest he’s been asking for bucky to be in a relationship for a decade and him and sarah were cute." One user said, "The fact that there are more scenes of them flirting but we didn’t get to see them is a literal crime."













In early April, Marvel bowed to fan pressure and released an hour-long video on YouTube of Zemo dancing, dubbed the 'Zemo cut'. If they did it once, will they do it again? Fans are clearly hoping, and with pressure from the cast, it seems possible that Marvel will bow to fan pressure again. 

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