As SHOCKING charges grow against Ezra Miller, actor's fans still rage against 'misgendering'

As SHOCKING charges grow against Ezra Miller, actor's fans still rage against 'misgendering'
Ezra Miller has been accused of grooming Tokata since she was 12 (Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images and Tokata/Instagram)

On June 8, Ezra Miller got accused of grooming non-binary activist Tokata Iron Eyes, 18, since they was 12 years old. In court documents obtained by People, the teen’s parents, Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle, claimed the 'Flash' actor manipulated their daughter for six years using "violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs". The news came as a shock to many. However, a few questioned why the actor's preferred pronoun is getting stressed over the allegations. Miller is non-binary and identifies as queer and uses they/them pronouns. As they also faces a temporary harassment prevention order from another teen and their parents, many took to Twitter to ask what should be the main focus of the case.

One wrote, “It’s crazy how Ezra Miller discourse has become about misgendering. When the only reason it’s a thing is because it’s funny that Miller assaulted women, allegedly groomed underaged fans, & kidnapped someone, & their biggest takeaway is that the article called Miller “he”." Another user said, "News of Ezra Miller grooming a teenager is trending everywhere, but all the replies care about is making sure people are using "They/Them" pronouns. Unbelievable...” The thread continued with an individual pointing out, “I don't notice much, but this is the first time anyone mentioned non-binary being the issue over them and not being a psychotic groomer that I've seen so far."


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One more user said, "Exactly. i can understand the pronoun issue, but like, is a skeezy groomer doing their best to be as scummy as possible the right hill to die on for pro-pronoun folk? like the mind boggles. surely there are better examples out there to get behind."

On the other hand, many acknowledged the importance of pronouns, with one stating, "I get why they're worried about Ezras pronouns you want people to SEE they/them in the news and start treating it like it should be treated and I respect that but Ezra is not the hill to die on Ezra is only making nb look worse pick a different person please."



The case against Miller

Last year in December, Tokata allegedly dropped out of school and later traveled to Vermont, New York City, Los Angeles, and Hawaii with Miller. The parents, in the complaint, added that Miller used "violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata." First reported by TMZ, the parents accused Miller of supplying the underage teen with alcohol, marijuana, and LSD. In a statement posted to Instagram on June 13, Tokata however defended Miller.


However, in the latest update, another case of the actor's involvement with a 12-year-old child, also a non-binary, has come to attention. The child and the mother obtained a harassment prevention order from a court in Greenfield, Massachusetts with the help of their downstairs neighbor. According to documents obtained by The Daily Beast, the accusers claim the actor showed up armed to the downstairs neighbor's house, while wearing a bulletproof vest. Soon, tensions grew between them, as the actor and the neighbor had an altercation over a debate over a board game. This caused the star to act aggressively, and they brandished their gun in front of the 12-year-old and their family. The accusers also filed a complaint against Miller for further bothering the child with compliments.

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