Why is Kai trending? EXO star becomes first Korean celeb to collaborate with Gucci, gets collection in his name

Why is Kai trending? EXO star becomes first Korean celeb to collaborate with Gucci, gets collection in his name
EXO member Kai is popular for his fashion sense (Getty Images)

Kai, most commonly known as a member of K-pop boy group EXO, is regularly popularized for his fashion and it shows. The South Korean artist and model's name blew up on Twitter on February 21 after teaming up with Gucci for a special collection dubbed in his name 'Kai Capsule Collection'.

Last week, Esquire Korea announced three magazine covers for their upcoming March 2021 Issue, which is joined by Gucci and features the K-pop idol. For the issue, they entitled the cover with 'KAI's Signal' to highlight the impact that he's had on fashion and his global popularity.


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EXO's KAI cover on Esquire Korea March 2021 issue (esquire.korea/ Instagram)


Esquire Korea shared the three covers for the March Issue for the first time last week with this statement: "The Face of Esquire March Issue is Kai. As Gucci's Global Ambassador, he amazingly pulled off the Gucci Epilogue Collection and the Special Collection that will be soon released. Meet KAI's irreplaceable charm through the photoshoots of the March Issue and his interview. Also, please look forward to the Fashion Film and Behind the Scene clips that will be released in order starting next week." 

In covers B and C, Kai can be seen showcasing the luxury brand Gucci with a hoodie, bag, and more in bear prints. Kai is also known to be fond of bears and one of his nicknames by fans is Nini Bear. Check out the covers below:



As one of the most famous fashion magazines in South Korea, Esquire Korea also recently promoted Kai for a special October 2020 issue, titled "MAN at HIS BEST," according to Allkpop. Gucci joined them for that issue as well as Kai showcased the Gucci Fall/Winter Menswear collection in three magazine covers. Kai is the first Korean celebrity to collaborate with Gucci and get a collection in his own name.

Fan share support

"#KAIxGUCCI" has begun heavily trending on Twitter as fans are going wild for KAI's new fashion collab. "From being the Korean Ambassador on 2018 to Global Ambassador on 2019 to FW19, SS20 Eyewear Campaign Model on 2019-2020 to Kai Capsule Collection this 2021. We're so proud of our Gucci King. #KAIxGUCCI," said a fan while another wrote, "Kai is deemed as Gucci’s first Korean Global Ambassador. Now, he is also the first Korean to have his own capsule or collection in Gucci. These legacies show how powerful he is not only in the music but in the fashion industry as well! #KAIxGUCCI."

One fan said, "He’s the main event and he knows it #KAIxGUCCI." Another fan spoke of the collection, saying, "And the fact that it's full of bears makes it so cute. I'm so happy for him. It's the Kim Kai signature. "WAIT they put big ass bears all over Seoul before his collection launch! They really love him  #KAIxGUCCI," shared another fan.












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