EXO Chen sports wedding ring in 1st interview after military, fans slam haters: 'We stan'

EXO Chen sports wedding ring in 1st interview after military, fans slam haters: 'We stan'
Fans get a glimpse of Chen's wedding ring in new interview for his OST of 'Doctor Lawyer' (@weareoneEXO/Twitter, LEON KOREA/YouTube)

A lot has happened with Kim Jongdae aka Chen of EXO fame. But it has been a while since fans have been able to see him. Since 2020, it has been bittersweet since he announced his wedding and the birth of his two children. Dating in K-pop is considered taboo due to toxic and delusional fans feeling like they have a say in the private lives of idols. This led to Chen getting immense hate from his own fans who demanded SM that he be fired and removed from EXO. But that hasn’t stopped Chen from living his best life being booked and busy ever since he got out of the military.

While most idols do a VLive or meet fans after they complete their mandatory military service, fans made concessions for Chen as they understood that he would want some privacy with his new family. However, we have been getting news after news of him headlining HallyuPopFest in London to also being roped in for SMTOWN Live’s ensemble concert at Tokyo Dome. With the EXO star also being known for some of the most iconic K-drama OSTs, the ‘OST King’ made a return by lending his voice to the drama ‘Doctor Lawyer'. And with it, we even got his first interview after returning from the military.

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Chen does an interview for 'Doctor Lawyer' (LEON KOREA/YouTube)

Chen releases first interview after military

Fans were ecstatic that they were already getting songs from Chen just weeks after his military discharge. The EXO member was to sing ‘An Unfamiliar Day’ for the ongoing K-drama ‘Doctor Lawyer’. The melancholic track enhances the male lead’s emotions, Han Yi-han who has to go through pain and separation with ‘An Unfamiliar Day’ ending on a hopeful note that he will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. The OST was released on June 17, and with it, fans got a glimpse of Chen as he was interviewed for it.


Chen’s first appearance happened to be a greeting video on June 15 as he acknowledged his participation at SMTOWN Live’s concert in Tokyo. The 20-second video racked up over 466k views with the numbers increasing at rapid speed. So, it was no wonder fans would go gaga over his interview which they did and ended up trending Chen’s real name Jongdae on social media. In it, he talks about trying different concepts for his OSTs and how he focused on the emotions of the song while recording it.


‘Glad to have you back’

While fans were over the moon, there were as usual some antis who noticed that he had his wedding ring on in the interview and used it to send hate. But fans are not having it as they have taken to sending their support to Chen with tweets like, “Glad to have you back ost king jongdae <3.” Another EXO-L posted, “Still i am here.” While haters tried to sabotage by giving low ratings, fans pointed out, “Good news with the changes melon made you're not allowed to give a song stars until you listened to it in full, which is why those nasty kfans can't spam jongdae's songs with one star anymore unless they want to add to his unique listeners... he's at 5 stars right now.”

Another fan shared, “We don’t apologize! We flex 💪😌 we stan best Man Kim jongdae! We are not the same!” One EXO-L was proud, “I'm feeling so f**king giddy over him wearing the ringand proudly showing that's he's a married man now😭😭😭goshhh!!!! Perfect.” Another fan said, “It's been a long time since I've seen you AND I CRY 😭😭SAME, JONGDAE SAME.”







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