'Red flags’ in Ana and Brian Walshe's relationship will help solve missing mom's case, says ex FBI agent

'Red flags’ in Ana and Brian Walshe's relationship will help solve missing mom's case, says ex FBI agent
A former FBI agent has claimed that missing Massachusetts mom Ana Walshe's husband had shown several 'red flags' in the past (NBC Boston, Youtube/ Screenshot)

COHASSET, MASSACHUSETTS: As the search for Ana Walshe, the missing mother of three from Massachusetts, continues, a former FBI agent has pointed out that evidence of Ana's husband Brian's concerning behaviour in the past could help investigators, Express reported. Ana, a 39-year-old real estate executive, went missing in the early hours of New Year's Day (January 1), but it was only on January 4 that her disappearance was reported. Her husband, Brian Walshe, a known fraudster, was arrested on January 8 for allegedly misleading investigators probing the case.


Since Brian Walshe's arrest, several details of his past crimes and incidents suggesting that he may have posed a threat to Ana have emerged. Among the pieces of evidence is a letter that Ana wrote to a federal judge, claiming that her husband Brian suffered from an “ever-present” trauma and had been “taught to lie and hide” during his childhood. Reports have also emerged, citing a public incident report filed in Washington DC, on August 2, 2014, of Ana telling DC Metro police that a person allegedly “made a statement over the telephone that he was going to kill her and her friends.” Many suspect that this unidentified person was Brian, who Ana married in 2015.


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As the search for the missing mother intensifies, Express shed light on the developments from the perspective of former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker, who claimed that evidence of "a lot of red flags" in the past could help investigators probing the disappearance of Ana. "There are absolutely a lot of red flags. A lot of times when we're looking at investigation and these types of cases, we're going to look at the historical behaviour of an individual," Parker was quoted by Express as saying.


Pointing out that Brian "clearly had a history" of being abusive towards Ana, based on new information that is coming out in the course of the investigation, Parker was quoted as saying, "That history of threats...if someone is going to behave that way, patterns of behaviour determine future behaviours." As per the Express report, Parker told Fox News that one of the calls made by Ana to law enforcement was before she married Brian. "She contacted law enforcement and chose not to press charges, that's actually something I've seen in several situations where they contact law enforcement but they end up backing off in the pursuit of the relationship," the former FBI agent said. 

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