Ethan Crumbley wore 'all black' and absolutely LOVED hunting, says former classmate

This comes after Ethan's half-brother described him as a quiet but happy child who stayed out of trouble and never displayed violent behavior

                            Ethan Crumbley wore 'all black' and absolutely LOVED hunting, says former classmate
Ethan Crumbley, 15, allegedly shot and killed four students at his Michigan school on November 30 (Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Twitter)

A former classmate of Ethan Crumbley, who allegedly shot at his high school and killed four fellow students, said he believes the 15-year-old was "really into hunting".

The sophomore at Oxford High School in Michigan allegedly opened fire inside the campus on Tuesday, November 30, killing fellow students Tate Myre, 16; Hana St Julian, 14; Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Justin Shilling, also 17, and wounding seven others. 


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Speaking to the Daily Beast, Nathan Swanson, a 10th grader who shared some middle school classes with Crumbley, said he was “really quiet, he would never talk to people.” He also remembered how Crumbley "wore all black, I believe he was really into hunting." Parent Ceree Morris, whose two wards were at the school during the shooting, told the outlet that her younger son knew the suspected gunman and was "shocked" to learn he was allegedly behind the shooting.

MEAWW previously reported how Eli Crumbley, the older half-brother of the mass shooting suspect, described him as a quiet but happy child who stayed out of trouble and never displayed violent behavior. The 18-year-old told the Daily Mail he couldn't understand how his younger sibling could carry out a massacre. "The Ethan I knew was just a smart boy who just seemed like an average kid," Eli said. "There was nothing that ever stood out to me. He'd never get suspended from school, or get detention." 

Students, parents, teachers, and community members gather for a vigil at the Lake Point Community Church following a shooting at Oxford High School on November 30, 2021 in Oxford, Michigan (Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

Eli further added, "He didn't suffer depression or anything like that. He woke up happy, went to school, came home, and played games." He did not interact with his stepbrother or his father in the past two months. However, the news of the Oxford shooting left him concerned about Ethan without knowing that he could be the shooter. "I was worried, I wanted to see if Ethan was okay because I knew he went there," said Eli, who also attended the same school for a year. "And then that's when I was receiving information otherwise."


Sharing about his past memories of Ethan, Eli said, "As far as I knew, Ethan was always good. He was just quiet, kept to himself, kept his circle of friends small. He was a clean kid, didn't smoke or do drugs, nothing. And he got good grades. He wanted to be an archeologist." Eli continued, "When I was living there, nothing seemed off. We'd just walk to the bus stop in the morning, go to school, come home, maybe play some football outside or basketball. We'd just chill, wouldn't do much. I didn't know he had a gun till after this happened. It's still hard to believe. I can't believe it."


Eli also revealed that Ethan had lost his aunt a few months back, followed by the death of his pet dog Tank recently. Yet, Eli found it difficult to process what could have prompted his younger sibling to go rogue. "I really don't know what his reasoning was behind this. I would like to talk to him, but I don't think that's something that's going to happen for a while," Eli said.

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