Video of Oxford School hero Tate Myre goes viral amidst outpouring of grief

Myer, 16, was fatally shot on Tuesday while trying to disarm a 15-year-old suspect who had opened fire at the Oxford High School

                             Video of Oxford School hero Tate Myre goes viral amidst outpouring of grief
Tate Myer (L) died on Tuesday after a fellow student fatally shot him at the Oxford High School. (Twitter/@TheD_Zone, Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

Video of a "hero" college footballer's interview after a playoff win has gone viral after he died on Tuesday, November 30, while trying to disarm a school shooter in Oxford Township, Michigan.

Tate Myer, 16, was one of three students fatally shot on Tuesday while trying to disarm a 15-year-old suspect who had opened fire at the Oxford High School. Following his death, a video from an October interview of Myer following a playoff victory against Clarkston High resurfaced on social media. Meanwhile, fellow Oxford High students launched an online petition to have the school stadium named after Myer for his sacrifice.


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Sports outlet The D Zone posted the clip to Twitter on October 30 after Oxford secured a playoff win against Clarkson. Myer won hearts as he spoke to the outlet about the win and said Oxford football was like "rain" in that they were always "tough and muddy." "Successful football teams need leaders on the field," the D Zone tweeted alongside the interview. "Oxford 2023 RB/MLB Tate Myre is one of those players and he talked to The D Zone after the playoff win. 'Rain is like Oxford football, tough' #43 Oxford beat #9 Clarkston 38-28."


Myer was mourned by many online after the clip went viral in light of his sacrifice on Tuesday. "This is heartbreaking now," one tweeted. "So sad to lose a leader like this young man #42 will be in our hearts," another wrote. "God bless this young man and the fight he brought to evil," someone else added. "This is tragic. Unacceptable. Justice must throw the Book at the sniveling coward who robbed this Man's soul of a Life on Earth. Words cannot convey the pain of this loss. Lock up your Firearms!" another chimed in.








Drake Biggie, a former teammate of Myer's on the Oxford High School’s football team, was among many calling for the school stadium to be renamed in his honor. “Tate is not just a hero to his fellow students at Oxford high school but a legend,” Biggie wrote in a petition signed by over 34,000 people. “His act of bravery should be remembered forever and passed down through generations,” the student said of his teammate. “He put his life in danger to try and help the thousands of other students at Oxford High School.”

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard identified Myer as a victim of the Oxford High School shooting. At a news briefing on Tuesday, Bouchard said the footballer was rushed to hospital but succumbed to his injuries en route. Hana St Juliana, 14, and Madisyn Baldwin, 17, were the two other Oxford students found dead at the scene of the crime. Furthermore, eight people were wounded, including a teacher at the school. “Tate was on varsity since his freshman year and was an honor student,” Oxford Football tweeted Tuesday night. “He was a tremendous football player with the brightest of futures and was an even better young man off the field as he was on it. We all loved Tate and he will so very much be missed."


The suspect, an alleged classmate of Myer, was apprehended shortly after the tragedy unfolded on Tuesday afternoon. However, he hasn't been identified due to legal reasons. According to Oakland County officials, the suspect remains in a detention center for children and has so far refused to cooperate with the authorities. An investigation is underway.