Ethan Crumbley’s history of trouble: Teen called in twice in two days over behavior

Ethan Crumbley’s history of trouble: Teen called in twice in two days over behavior
A memorial at Oxford High School, Michigan (Scott Olson/Getty Images) with an insert of Ethan Crumbley (Oakland County Sheriff's Office)

"There was nothing that ever stood out to me. He'd never get suspended from school or detention." That's how Eli Crumbley described his half-brother, Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley. "He didn't suffer depression or anything like that. He woke up happy, went to school, came home, and played games," Eli added. But, new information reveals that not all was well with the 15-year-old, in the days prior to his violent outburst.

At first glance, there seems to be a little unusual about Crumbley. As a fifth-grader, he showed off a project on poverty that made it to a local newspaper. But, all that changed sometime in the recent past. He reportedly had a countdown clock on Instagram, marking the 'return of the devil'. He also showed off the Sig Saur pistol his dad bought just days before the shooting, in multiple Instagram posts.


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More and more details are now coming to light about Crumbley, including a history of troubling behavior that the school appears to have overlooked. Despite Eli's claims, it appears that there was indeed something wrong with Crumbley, which lead to the sudden burst of violence on November 30.

People bring flowers to a makeshift memorial outside of Oxford High School on December 01, 2021, in Oxford, Michigan. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Crumbley's history of troubles

As we earlier reported, there are many rumors currently floating around the internet about dangerous behavior associated with Crumbley. One video appears to show him throwing Molotov cocktails in his backyard. Then on November 12, the school put out a letter to parents about "concerns and rumors", but does not name Crumbley. "Some rumors have evolved from an
incident last week, while others do not appear to have any connection. Student interpretations of social media posts and false information have exacerbated the overall concern," they wrote. 

It's unclear what the incident was that they were referring to, but many online have theorized it could be linked to Crumbley. As with the Molotov cocktail video, we have no confirmation that it does have anything to do with him. There have been a few other incidents linked to him, however, such as threatening messages being painted on the school's walls. Crumbley also once threw the head of a dead deer into a locked courtyard.

It's unclear when these incidents took place, and if the school addressed them at the time, but a new report indicates that some action was indeed taken. On November 29, one day before he shot students, Crumbley was reportedly talked to by school officials. Then the next day at 10:00 AM, Crumbley's parents Jennifer and James were called in for a meeting about his behavior, according to The Daily Mail.

That meeting occurred less than three hours before the teen went on his violent rampage, at 12:50 PM. It's unclear what behavior of Crumbley's was so concerning that his parents had to be called, but it never went to the police. "We received no information about this individual prior to the shooting," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. He added, " we did not learn of that meeting, nor of the content of that meeting, until after the shooting and during this investigation."

Adding to that, prosecutors believe they have ample evidence to show the shooting was premeditated. As a result, he's been slapped with 24 charges including one domestic terrorism charge and was arraigned as an adult on December 1. If he is found guilty, Crumbley faces the possibility of life in prison. 

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