Ethan Chapin's mom Stacy's 'strength' hailed as she compares healing to 'ice wall in Game of Thrones'

Ethan Chapin's mom Stacy's 'strength' hailed as she compares healing to 'ice wall in Game of Thrones'
Stacy Wells Chapin remembered her son Ethan who was one of the victims in the Idaho murders (Stacy Wells Chapin/Facebook)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Slain Idaho student Ethan Chapin's mother has taken to Facebook to pen a heartwarming note over two months after her son was allegedly murdered by Bryan Kohberger. Earlier this month, Stacy Wells Chapin revealed that Ethan's siblings, Maizie and Hunter, were going back to the University of Idaho where the campus and nearby neighborhoods will continue to witness additional security.


"We were recently told to look for a victory every day – even if it is the tiniest little victory. It is admittedly challenging some days, but excellent advice," Stacy said, reiterating that they have sent their two children back to the university. "We decided to visit them every other weekend at the University of Idaho. The thought was to stay close and connected but allow the kids space to heal at their own pace. So, we’ve just arrived home from our first college visit since we dropped them off," she added.


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'The ice wall in Game of Thrones'

Ethan Chapin from Conway, Washington, was a triplet born right before his sister and brother. "In true Chapin form, all were welcome and we fed 20 kids a home-cooked meal on Thursday night. On Friday, we spent time with Maizie and some of her friends. Over the long weekend, we enjoyed coffee dates, walks, long conversations and hugs. We spent time remembering Ethan and sharing stories. There were many victories," she wrote.


Ethan was among four students who were slaughtered by suspect Bryan Kohberger. Kohberger, 28, has been accused of fatally stabbing Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan, 20, in their off-campus three-story rented home on November 13, 2022. After a massive manhunt, he was arrested in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, on December 30. 

"Our kids are resilient, but this is definitely a challenging time. We’re grateful they have each other at school, fraternity and sorority friends, and other amazing support systems. (See pic of Hunter’s new academic counselor, Paul!) They are each processing this new normal in their own way, and that’s okay. Our job as parents is to be there and provide tools and resources as needed," Stacy said.


Drawing a 'Game of Thrones' comparison, she continued, "We’ve compared our family’s healing process to the ice wall in Game of Thrones. If you’ve watched it, you get it. If you haven’t, the wall is an impenetrable wall of ice about a million miles tall. The start of the grieving process felt like standing at the bottom of the wall with no key to get through the gate and no rope to get up the wall. The rope has been tossed over the wall and we’ve started the tedious climb." She added, "The healing is day by day, and some days are easier than others. This morning, the sunrise was beautiful. We will take that as today’s victory."



'Your strength is incredible'

Social media users reacted to the heartwarming message, with one of them writing, "Bless you,, Nothing else you can do but try to survive and climb that wall the best you can.. If you fall it's okay. Go back the next day." Another wrote, "Beautifully said! God created each one uniquely and with a purpose. One Day at a Time is how we are supposed to live fully! Sending love & prayers for all your family!"

One user wrote, "You are truly amazing, strong, inspirational! Prayers to you and your family for continued strength & love to be there for each other and yourselves." "Mrs. Chapin, my heart goes out to you and your family. Your strength is incredible. Thank you for sharing this with the public, enabling us to help lift you up in thought and prayer," said a user.


"I can't image your pain. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Please know so many are lifting your family (and the other precious victims' families) in prayers and embracing you with tender hugs from afar," one user wrote, while another said, "Beautifully said. As our house is approaching 3 years of losing a child, my heart goes out to you and your family. The pain never goes away but looks like your have amazing support of family and friends. Continue to hold onto that."

"I can only hope with half the challenge you have faced that I can have even a teaspoon of your grace. I continue to pray for your family daily," said one user. Another wrote, "You are an amazing family, it is beautiful and beyond my comprehension how you all are managing to continue to go forward and support one another and not just collapse. It is very obvious how close you all are and the strength you pull from one another! Prays for your family’s love and strength for each other always, facing the unimaginable loss of Ethan - your beloved son and brother."


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Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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 Ethan Chapin's mother's 'strength' hailed as she compares healing to 'ice wall in Game of Thrones'