Is Erik Lake trying to control Virginia Coombs? An ugly fight between ‘MAFS’ couple might lead to their split

Looks like Erik Lake's ultimatums to Virginia Coombs are only increasing with each day and Coombs probably had enough

                            Is Erik Lake trying to control Virginia Coombs? An ugly fight between ‘MAFS’ couple might lead to their split
Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake of 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)

When it comes to disastrous 'Married at First Sight' couples, Chris Williams and Paige Banks immediately come to mind. While their drama is out in the open, there is another couple who has a storm brewing beneath the surface — Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs. While the couple seems to be happy, Lake's controlling nature is now seeping through the cracks.

On the surface, the couple seems to be happy and is making their relationship work. But turns out, that might be far from the truth. Lake and Coombs recently celebrated their one-month anniversary and the pair went all out. Lake took Coombs on a private plane before they decided on Lake's family hangar for a romantic dinner.


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When it came to gifts, Coombs surprised him with a giant throw blanket with her face printed on it so that he could use it when they fly. The couple seemed all happy and in love. But over the course of their first month together, the couple has fought rather often. From Coombs accusing Lake of being too controlling (he wants her to text and call whenever she is out) to later him telling her that not having children was a dealbreaker, Lake constantly seems to put her in tough situations.

Coombs has never been opposed to the idea of children, although she has no intention of having them anytime soon, seeing that she's 26 and would like to wait for a while. Lake, however, at 34, is keen to become a father, seeing that he doesn't want to wait and have children when he's closer to 40. This isn't the only pressure that seems to be coming from his end. Lake also insisted that the pair move into his house, which Coombs was opposed to. She wanted the couple to get their own place together and was not keen on living in his home and even joked about them staying separately, a comment that Lake didn't take kindly to.

The couple's woes only get worse this week as they have a massive argument yet again. However, this time it seems far from their usual passive-aggressive exchange. Coombs storms out of their apartment and approaches the producers, visibly distraught. During her confessionals, she makes it known that she thinks he's trying to control her and while she sees it as his need to have her depend on him so that he can be the man of the house, that's not who she is. She is worried that this might actually turn into a running theme through their marriage. With decision day quickly approaching, the tension between the two seems to be mounting and ready to spill over.

Do you think the couple will be able to stay together? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

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