'Married at First Sight': Who is Virginia Coombs? Fans think Erik's 'alcoholic' bride will end up in rehab

Virginia downed multiple shots on wedding day and couldn't stop talking about a boozy honeymoon

                            'Married at First Sight': Who is Virginia Coombs? Fans think Erik's 'alcoholic' bride will end up in rehab
Virginia and Erik (Lifetime)

'Married at First Sight' Season 12 has started off on a dramatic note. While Chris Williams has made headlines with his dark past, Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake were not far behind. Although there's is a less severe issue to be handled in the latter's case or maybe not if the newly-wed bride decides to drink it up and Erik stays his reserved, quiet self. No judgments here, just that the drinking could pose a problem. Fans are not huge admirers of how she downed multiple shots right before walking down the aisle and cannot stop dreaming up a boozy honeymoon. Some even fear she may end in rehab for it. 

"@MAFSLifetime, You’ve done it again. Virginia is obviously an alcoholic who was full on DRUNK at the wedding. What in the world is the vetting process???" a fan asked, while another tweeted: "Virginia is only bawling her eyes out because she’s drunk af but by the time she walked down the aisle, that eyeshadow looked like shit." "Virginia giving off straight alcoholic vibes. Maybe she should have tried rehab before marriage," a user shared. "Honestly? Eric and his parents are already noticing that Virginia is an alcoholic, too. She may be in rehab before the end of this season," another expressed.





What else do we know about Virginia?

Erik Lake, Virginia Coombs (Lifetime)

She loves to party and is eight years younger than Erik. At 26, she is stronger than before and is ready for marriage even though she has been in failed relationships. Her outlook towards life is startlingly different from the person she has been matched with, almost to a point where they could be incompatible but that's the fun of it all. They have their work cut out for them and will hopefully not get bored having to wade through, adjust with, and accommodate to each other's quirks.

In the upcoming episodes, we see them get into a minor disagreement over her interacting with her male friends. While Erik says a man and a woman can never be friends, she is not okay with the jealous vibes he gave off as he made that remark. How will the argument end? Only time will tell.

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