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Emmanuel Macron gets slapped in the face, Internet says 'he deserves to be hit by a shoe'

French President Emmanuel Macron was not seriously hurt in the incident and two people were arrested soon after a man slapped the leader
French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped while visiting the Drome region in southeastern France (Kay Nietfeld/Getty Images)
French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped while visiting the Drome region in southeastern France (Kay Nietfeld/Getty Images)

In a rather shocking turn of event, a person dressed in a green t-shirt, glasses and a face mask slapped French President Emmanuel Macron on the face as he was strolling to greet the crowd behind a metal barrier, in the village of Tain-l'Hermitage. The attacker allegedly shouted "Down with Macronia!" before delivering the slap. Two people were arrested in connection with the incident shortly after.

The incident took place while Macron was visiting the Drome region in southeastern France, where he met restaurateurs and students to talk about how life is returning to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic. As Macron reached out his hand to greet the man in the green t-shirt, he grabbed his hand and slapped him in the face. Two of Macron’s security personnel quickly tackled the man while another ushered Macron away. Macron although remained close to the crowd for a few more seconds and seemed to be talking to someone on the other side of the barriers. The identity of the man and his motives were not clear at the moment.


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An eyewitness said, "Mr Macron appeared very relaxed and thought he was getting a good reception from those watching him." The presidential administration stated that there had been an attempt to strike Macron. An Élysée Palace spokesman said, "He (Macron) was not seriously hurt in the incident." Macron was on his six-week political tour de France, which is aimed at 'taking the pulse' of the country.

'He deserves to be hit on the face with a shoe'

People flooded Twitter with funny reactions to the French president getting slapped in the face by a civilian. One user compared Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, 'being in the same shoes' and wrote, "Someone slapped the French President EMMANUEL MACRON? If you try it with MUHAMMADU BUHARI, in fact, you will die, resurrect, die, multiple times!!!"

Focussing on how the guy had held Macron's hand before slapping him, one user commented, "Look at the way this guy is holding macron's arm. Dude wasn't letting him go without getting slapped LMAOO #Macron." Another comment read, "A million dollar slap The sound of that slap Explicit expression of "freedom of expression" A French citizen called French president and slapped him. Now it remains to be seen whether that citizen turns out to be a "Muslim extremist" or "non-Muslim mental patient." #Macron."

One user hilariously created a meme out of the facade and wrote, ""so it's like drugs?" "it's better than drugs." #Macron." Taking a dig at Nigerian president's recent move of banning Twitter in the country after the social media giant suspended his account for 12 hours, one user wrote, "Don’t you dare slap a Nigerian President like they just slapped Macron, else they’d ban the use of hands immediately. #KeepitOn."

Another tweet read, "Can we get that guy who slapped Macron to make a trip to the US? I’ve got a list for him!." One user tweeted, "I strongly condemn the act of slapping the President of France Mr Macron. The one who deserves to be hit on the face with a shoe dipped into s#it, was just slapped with a bare hand."