Emma Watson meets Al Gore in bra-revealing dress, trolls say she's 'feeling the heat'

Watson's dress, made from 62% recycled yarn garnered a lot of attention after she uploaded an Instagram post from meeting with ex-VP in Scotland

                            Emma Watson meets Al Gore in bra-revealing dress, trolls say she's 'feeling the heat'
Emma Watson meets former US VP Al Gore in Edinburgh, Scotland. (@emmawatson/Instagram)

Actress Emma Watson met former US vice president Al Gore in Edinburgh on October 19, but it's not the meeting that got the attention. Instead, social media seemed extremely preoccupied with Watson's dress, a midriff revealing skirt and top set. The former 'Harry Potter' star took to Instagram to share a pic of her meeting with Al Gore, but eagle-eyed users noticed there was more to see, specifically her bra. That led to a wave of jokes and puns as trolls mocked Watson for her choice of clothing. 

Watson was last seen on screen in Greta Gerwig's 'Little Woman', but has been making news for more than her acting career. Back in June 2020, she drew widespread attention for supporting #BlackoutTuesday via Instagram, but not speaking about the Black Lives Matter protests. Earlier that year, she also drew widespread attention for calling herself "self partnered", with Piers Morgan leading the wave of criticism that followed. 


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Despite that, Watson has refused to back down and continued to speak up for things she believes in, like climate change. It was in that capacity she attended the Climate Reality event in Scotland, hosted by Al Gore. But of course, people had plenty of other reasons to talk.


'Surreal to meet and interview one of my idols'

For her attendance at the Climate Reality event in Edinburgh, Watson decided to wear a custom handmade piece by London-based designer Emilia Wickstead, which seemed very much topical. She said the piece was "handmade in London using leftover fabrics consisting of 62% recycled yarn that was locally sourced, woven, and printed in Italy." The eco-conscious ensemble featured a long printed skirt and an extremely short top, revealing part of her bra. In contrast, Al Gore chose to wear a simple black sweater over a white shirt with black pants.

"I will be wearing this a lot!" she added to the post of her with Al Gore. In another post from the event, Watson said, "It was really surreal to meet and interview one of my idols... the tides have been against him for years and he’s kept swimming. That to me is a hero." That caption was added to a snap of Watson lying on the ground in the dress.


Her choice of clothing certainly caught the eye of social media, as users seemed to ask why she chose that particular design for the event. Others though saw the funny side and began mocking Watson with some hilarious takes on her decision.

'Why is she wearing undergarments?'

One user joked, "It is global warming. She was probably feeling the heat." Another mocked, "This is a lot of look to meet al gore." To that, another user replied, "I see it another way... Al Gore didn't put enough effort into his look to meet with Emma Watson." Echoing that sentiment, another joked, "Honestly, Al Gore looks way under dressed to meet Emma Watson, doesn’t he?"






"Emma Watson lobbies Al Gore on climate change and its impact on blouses!" one person tweeted in response. Another took advantage of the current supply chain crisis to joke, "“Supply chain is so backed up, the other half of my shirt still hasnt been made”." One person asked, "Why is she wearing undergarments to meet the inventor of the internet."




Jokes aside, Watson's photo did manage to get a love of love as well. On Instagram, the photo garnered over 1.3 million likes, with plenty of people praising her choice. It's not the first time that Watson's outfit choices have raised eyebrows either. Over the years, she's made a lot of headlines for her choice of styles, but rarely has she been so well-trolled as she was over the Al Gore photo.

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